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Jan 20, 2019

Username: Ceroing


I was born 2003 and my birthday is july 25 (I have no idea why it is says september in my bio i pressed july, so if you are an admin and see this please change)

Where i live/Time Zone:
Sweden/CEST/UTC +1

Swedish, Norwegian, English and un poco espanol.

Are/have you been a mentor on the server:

When did you join the server:
I don't know for sure but before or at january.

Are you apart of the discord:

Rank: Premium

My Experience:

Have you Administered a Garry's Mod server before, if yes, do you have experience of ULX & DarkRP administrative tools?: Yes, I have been a staff member on multiple Gmod server but also outside of Gmod. I have been for example a moderator on a very big server called icefuse and I know all the ins and outs of administration. I'm very familiar with ULX and i know the rules good.

If you have administered a server, what would you consider to be your most difficult situation?: My most difficult situation is when there is no proof during a sit and it is just a matter of words and most of the time i have done detective work to the best of my ability for example cloaking after the sit to see how they behave or ask other staff members about the people in the sit and what experiences they have had with them.

If you have never administered a Garry's Mod server before, have you administered any others (Besides your own)?:
As i said i have also been administrators on things such as Minecraft and other games. Gmod I was actually one of the highest ranking in a server where I was one of the managers who would be the 3rd in charge.

In Game Situations:

RDM: I would bring them both to a sit room and then hear the reporters story. I would then listen to the reportee and see if they have correlation. After that if there isn't a clear liar or no admittor I would start asking simple questions like: “Where did this happen?”, “Was there any tension before?”, “Are you friends just fooling around?”, “Was it crossfire or an accident?”. After questioning I would ask from proof from both sides. I would be unbiased and listen to both sides as if they were the same person. If there is still not sufficient proof I would have to end the report and follow both the reported and reporter to see if they are for example minging or breaking the rules. Also if I was a witness to the situation and I know of him minging and rdming I would kick/warn him.

FailBase: I would tell the owner of the base that what he is doing is not allowed and that he needs to modify or remove it, I would also teach him some about base building what's allowed and what's not and then i would give him the rules and tell him to study it so this doesn't happen again. If he doesn't comply within 10 minutes of warning i would give him another chance if he seems genuine and nice and add another 5 minutes of time but if he seems to be obviously minging or doesn't care I would give them a warn or remove their base depending on the severity.

NLR: I would first start of by asking them if they know what NLR is because i found it common that not a whole lot of people know about NLR. If they don't i would give them a lecture about it and tell them to read the rules. If they know what NLR is i would look at the severity of the situation, was it going back to a raid or was it just going back to a normal place by accident. If it was in a raid or mug or something of that sort I would hand them a warning and tell them to be more careful and read the rules and follow them, but if it wasn't that bad I would let them of with a verbal warning.

MRDM: Usually when someone is MRDM they are planning to leave the server so I would copy their Steam ID and bring them. I would basically just check logs and then ban them for the time that seems necessary which is usually 1 month+.

FailRP: FailRP is one of the hardest ones sometimes but also one of the easiest to do a sit on. Sometimes it can be stuff like FearRP where it is kind of easy to see if killed them back. How i would deal with this is just check logs do some research if they have multiple accounts and depending on the situation and stuff that has happened I would give them the punishment needed.

Other stuff:
My name is Elias, I am 15 years old and i live in Sweden Malmo. I spend most of my time when I'm not in school playing video games and train crossfit. I wrote this text in multiple colours and fonts since I think it gives my text more personality even though it might cause some headaches. I don't have a lot to say I just want to be done with this application. I have spent a long time pondering if i would want to be staff and i have concluded that I would like to do my part and contribute to the server.

I really hope I get this since I burn for helping people and I'm all about empathy. Also if there is anything you guys want be to add please tell me. Also I got back on this server 3 weeks ago and i usually have other names in game for fun like Beroois.

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Apr 2, 2018
-Haven't seen you in a while. You probably just applied as soon as you were able to and then you decided to come back and play. What I have seen from you is not lot of ''greatness'' within the rules section. Never really seen you break many rules, but at the same time you haven't been almost ever involved when the rules are a huge factor in a situation. With what I am getting of this is that I think you don't have enough experience yet. Atleast on this server. When you say the hardest sit is when there is no proof then it's pretty obvious isn't it? No proof=Sit Finished. I would recommend get known in the community a bit more and play a bit more first before you apply. -1 Good luck!


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Dec 30, 2017
I very much like your application. It's nicely formatted, well explained on most things.
Sadly, it could be due to your name changing, that I frankly barely know you. And for someone that joined in January I thought I would have seen you before.
Personally, I can't stand when people change their names a lot, so from my perspective try and keep one name and earn some reputation with that name.


Dec 1, 2015
United Kingdom
I'm afraid I have not seen you on the server before, as far as age goes with the discrepancy of your age being different to the age you signed up to the forums with you might be required to provide some form of identification if your application is accepted; otherwise a solid and good start. I can see some potential there but I am frankly a little worried at the lack of commenting about administrative logs and such which are valuable. This however could be looked into more if you are accepted. Get yourself more active on the server and get to know our playerbase and staff team a bit more.

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