Cadet self training

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May 11, 2019
In-game name: dionysus / helix
Type of suggestion(addon, bug, model, script): script
suggestion: self-training for cadets. Regular CTR training room with all the info that the cadets can read and have a look through. Add an extra guide on how self-training works and also have a sign prompting cadets to ask for someone to come to CTR if they're real new or just confused/stuck. Interactive NPC that allows the cadet to start a quiz about formations, IC rules, phrases, ect. Once they pass the quiz they, become CT

Players dont have to stop rping or playing an event to train a cadet, plus the cadet doesnt have to wait for a trainer.
Cadets have a more active part in their training rather than listening to a DSGT drone on for 15 minutes
DSGTs dont have to deal with mingey cadets
Experienced SWRP players can jump right in to our server without having to go through a training they've done a million times before

Maybe less in depth training, although they can still request a DSGT if they need or want one
Harder to know if a newly trained CT is a minge or not
People may be confused if the system isnt explained properly

Something similar to this gmodstore script?
Only problem is i'm not 100% sure if you can add images, which would make formation questions hard
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