Bulkcannon and heists

I am now releasing an update for "server two" on downtown. This server will serve as a test server before we push this content over to the main evocity server. This is because we want to test it make sure there are no problems, and some values may be tweaked as well to find the best numbers. The update will bring a new craftable weapon, an old resource finally put into use, a new heist system and more.

I will first start talking about this new heist system which is "dheists". This is a payday 2 based heist system where you have to drill open stuff and put the loot in your bag and get it out of the location you are raiding. So far the only location is "The Bank". To raid you will need to buy a mask, a bag and drills, you will also need to equip the mask during the raid. We will still have the other vault system on the server to pay the government so you can raid that one as well.

Craftingmod changes
Almost every recipe is now cut by reduced by 20 of each bar type, if the gun was lower than 20 already it was still reduced but not by 20. So guns are now less expensive to craft, I thought they might have been a bit too expensive and since its such a low chance for a legendary as well. We are also finally putting in "wood" so far on only one gun though and thats the new weapon which is the "Bulkcannon".

The NLR bubble is back and the timer has been increased. We are now sticking with the number most people already know and thats 300 seconds which is 5 minutes, the counter is still on your HUD.

Other changes:
- Can no longer buy his own smoothies
- Can only set a max price of 250000 per smoothie.
- Max health bonus per smoothie is now 250.
- Cop payout is now reduced
- Handcuffs are now back in
- Unarrest with right click btw when holding the cuffs




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Nov 30, 2015
Thanks glad you like it :)

Ahhh great update drew!
Can't wait to see how heists go. As for the bulkcannon, yes new weapons woot woot!
Unfortunately I won't experience this update just yet, as I uninstalled gmod and I'm busy with some stuff. Maybe for christmas!
Good job!
Glad to see you are still around. Glad you like it! just hop on when you have time :D

Bulkcannon is added..

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Apr 27, 2017
OSRS, Tutorial Island
Drewbie the next update, I want a scorched earth update, containing the following weapons:

M2 - Flamethrower Flamethrower (support weapon)
Sturmgewehr 44 / STG 44 Assault rifle (Mid-range combat weapon)
MG 42 Light Machine gun (Offensive and defensive)
M1 Garand Semi action rifle (Long/mid range combat)
PPSh 41 Submachine gun (Close combat)
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Dec 30, 2017