Brit Ban Appeal

Jan 10, 2019
Steam Profile: STEAM_0:0:63061824
Date: It's been months since this happened, but roughly September 2018 i believe (That date might be possibly very wrong)
Length: Permanently
Reason: Scripts
Admin who banned me: STEAM_0:1:17825166 , [DC] Drewbie
Why should I be unbanned: Let me explain myself in detail, i was on the server my RP job was a cop and i was farming the money or rather the large paycheck that cops received for protecting the bank vault money. Eventually i was frozen and essentially went into a sit from that point on in the middle of the road. (Side Note: The server hardly had any players on at the time so this sit in the road wouldn't have interfered in any RP scenarios) Drewbie from then said he had been watching me cloaked, constantly walking and farming the money which was wrong of me to do and i admit that, i even admitted that to Drewbie during the sit in text because i had no mic to use. I then went onto saying that i was sorry for doing it and farming the money but at the same time tried to explain how i was auto-walking, because that is how i stopped myself from being kicked off for being AFK. I went on in short to say that before he got any ideas, no it wasn't scripting, it was actually me using the console and typing "+walk" which made my character walk indefinitely straightforward. I did this to show clear evidence of how i was able to walk constantly and avoid going AFK, i was also every now and then using my "WASD" to stop myself walking into walls at times also. And because the server pop had hardly any players on, i figured using the roads to walk in straight lines would be the best option to farm the money. (This is why i was caught frozen in the road when Drewbie froze me). So i figured from then on i explained i was wrong, and i knew it was wrong too and i had planned to not do it again after that sit, i also thought i did the right thing to explain how i was doing the walking and avoiding AFK as well but then without any communication, no relevance to what was about to happen after i explained myself, i was then permanently banned for the reason of scripts. So in short i listed it to be straight about the facts...

I have no screenshots or recordings of the events that happened.

1. I admitted what i was doing as cop farming bank vault payment
2. I explained the "+walk" command in console to disprove the thought of scripts being used as i noticed Drewbie had the title "owner" and i should just be upfront about what i did instead of getting myself into more trouble.
3. I myself have never used scripts so i have no idea why Drewbie presumed scripts was being used when it was a console command.
4. Admitting the AFK money is one thing, but i genuinely understand that it was wrong and i don't plan to do it ever again.
5. I believe i had 1 or 2 warns between days in all my time on that server regarding other issues such as KOS and not scripts.
6. After i explained in short to Drewbie what i was doing, i was banned without being told anything.

I would also like to say in short that i believe i should be unbanned because I've learnt my lesson in not farming the bank vault money, but i believe that it is wrong i should be banned for a banned for a totally inaccurate reason as scripts when i would never use them.

Also thank you for anyone who took the time to take all this information in, i hope i explained it to the best of my ability. I put all this effort into my ban appeal because it's a newish players word against an Owner and that's a hefty thing on it's own. And i just wanted to give my view on it because once the ban was put on it was never really mentioned or noticed because why would you notice a perm ban on a fairly new person who has yet to make any foothold in the community? That's just my personal thoughts.

If anyone can zoom and see that picture it is the exact message i see when i join the server (If anyone needs a larger version i will gladly upload)

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Nov 30, 2015
Hull, GB
This application is forwarded to @Drewbie for him to deal with personally.

The incident, from what I can tell was pre-wipe.

Note that your application has been acknowledged but will only be replied to by Drewbie from this point onwards.
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Nov 30, 2015
This is a very good unban appeal. You are honest and I respect that. Can you tell me how much money and levels you received from this?
Jan 10, 2019
This is a very good unban appeal. You are honest and I respect that. Can you tell me how much money and levels you received from this?

I believe i received at least 10 mil or maybe more, the payouts were large at that time for protecting the bank money. And levels if i remember maybe 10?.

I'd like to be more accurate but in all honesty i hardly remember, i'm okay with wiping my levels and money because i never really would remember exactly how much i gained in exp/money but that's about it.

Sorry i couldn't reply to this response sooner as i wasn't actively watching the forums the past few days.