Bombers for the 212th Pilots.

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Jul 4, 2018
In-game name: 212th MJR D CO 2424 Colter

Type of suggestion(addon, bug, model, script): addon

Reason for suggestion: Bombers would make a great addition for 212th pilots! why? Because then the 212th could use the
ARC 170s for aerial fights with other fighters instead of bulletspongy fire on enemy frigates while bombers can be used for CAS!
In this case a Y wing would perfectly fit as a bomber. In many aerial "battles" ARC-170s only shoot with their low dmg guns
on high hp munificent frigates for hours. With bombers there would be a need of enemy vulture droids to take them out, with a rising
amount of enemy ships there would be some kind of attack fighter needed as an escort for the y wings. So the ARC-170s in this case
would do their REAL job of escorting bombers and destroying vultures or any other droid fighter.

Pros: - CAS for ground units
- Immersive Bombing runs
-advanced flight training possibilities
-enough firepower to take down frigates
-Vultures and other enemy ships have a actual reason to attack
-creates real aerial battles
- supports the idea of letting other regs have LAAT pilots while the 212th has bombers and other ships
without making the 212th useless

Cons:-possible abuse of the bombers (which can happen with any other already existing vehicle too)
- bombing runs need to be pretrained by the pilots to make it really work

Link to suggestion if it has one: (this addon is already on the server)

Thanks! :D


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Dec 30, 2017
I'm +1 the idea.
I didn't play a lot of the SWRP, but I remember when I was in 212th the most annoying this is when I got to use some kind of plane during an event, I couldn't do shit from the sky. I'm supposed to stay in one spot whilst getting shot and then try and kill someone like that? Give some bombs, maybe on big cooldown, but at least so they can do some air to ground damage.
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