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Mar 2, 2020
Basic Info
Trooper Name: Shadow HS Bobo
Regiment: Shadow Company
Rank: EXO
Age: 17 18 in 15 days
Playtime: 218 hrs says, game tracker
Discord name and numbers: karl#6824

OOC Info
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:20725965
Do you have a mic: yes
Summary of you:: I'm a 17yr old guy who is studying to become a data technician with a focus in infrastructure and work at an indoor swimming pool 3 days a week
Are you staff on any DC related servers: Yes
Have you ever been kicked or banned from a DC-related server (if yes why): No

Incharacter Info:
Describe in your own opinion, the roles, and jobs of the fleet (Try to add more than just "Granting and Denying"): Helping out regiments when assigned and keep the ship in working order also to make sure that the troops are in their best state and are battle-ready limit entrances and exits from the ship to limit dangers to the troops
Have you ever been demoted or kicked from a reg (if yes why): no
Do you understand fleet is an extremely important role, you will be given many more mature and responsible roles/job, Do you accept the importance and are ready for this responsibility: yes
Any previous fleet experience: no
Any previous command experience (if yes please say): I am currently the EXO of shadow company and the current RC delta Schorch
What can you offer fleet: I can offer a very active and positive person and dedicate my self fully to the duty of being fleet and helping out my assigned reg
Anything else you want to add: if accepted I would like to be assigned to shadow as I feel this would be the best way to learn

Here are some common scenarios you will be faced with in fleet, please answer these to the best of your ability, there is room below the scenario please write your answer there

1. The ship is under attack and the Jedi are calling for assistance at the temple due to being overrun. Who do you send where? I would send one noncommissioned officer from each regiment as the commanding officer and commissioned officers are needed on the Venator, From this, there would be one person form each regiment and would have the combined power of each regiment alongside the Jedi who are already defending the temple. With the troopers pushing from the landing pads and Jedi pushing from the temple entrance, they would hopefully be able to encircle the enemy and weaken their forces. After the temple, i would request that some Jedi provide some air support to the Venator by helping 212th ab in the air space around the Venator

2. You are doing a mando with the entire ship and an entire regiment walks off. How do you handle this? I would first give them a warning to get back to the mando or the punishment would be even worse, if they continue to disobey orders I would call an AOS for refusing to follow orders (treason)once they've been apprehended I would order a transport back to Kamino to have them checked for deficiencies as soldiers should be following orders from higher-ups and not disobeying them.

3. a regiment disobeys your orders on a mission(planetary) and claims they followed a different person's orders. the person they claim to have listened to is not on the server. The actions the regiment took messed up your battle plan and almost lost the mission objective. What do you do? i would contact set person via discord to see if the set person had actually given those orders out, once I have found out the answer I would inform a member of high command of the actions that have been made, once they been informed I would give the set regiment in question a mando for not following set order and almost led to us failing the mission.
Dec 1, 2019
what to say about Bobo,
From my time as Shadow Company commander and Marshal Commander, Bobo has been one of the most dedicated and friendliest troopers I have come into contact with on the server, I personally know how long he has wanted to join fleet for and I am truly glad to see him finally fulfilling his what has been on his mind for a few months now, although I feel like he would make a great Marshal commander someday, if he wants to go for fleet then i have no doubt that whatever regiment he goes to, he will try his hardest to make sure that it does great.

overall I would be happy to see Bobo in fleet, so this is a HUGE +1 from me, good luck bud


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May 4, 2020
I have seen you on the server active most of the time and your answers to the questions are detailed and you seem like you are genuinely interested in fleet so for me it’s a +1 Good luck
Sep 10, 2018
You are a nice guy however personally I have not seen you command as much. You are an active member of the community which is always a good +1 however with good activity there must be good performance. Furthermore you've stuck with shadow till the bitter end when it was at its worst, now it's better even though SC will lose a stalker member which is a shame but all things come to an end. I hope as well you can balance out Jedi, RC and Fleet. +1
Aug 13, 2019
This application is Accepted
Congratulations you have made it into Fleet!
For you training contact me or Admiral Tree on discord

Could staff please move this to the correct section.
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