Bitcoin miners are back

Hello everyone! so recently I have received some feedback people that want the printers to be increased or some other way of gaining cash while you base. Therefor I have been to some different servers checking out what they have next to their printers. And I found something that has been brought up so many times in suggestions which is "bitminers". First of all this is the new bit miner script most people already know, its not the one we had way back.

I scaled the biggest bitminer to be a decent way of getting cash and experience. Now it does not give more cash than your best VIP printer. I think this will help a lot of players that does not have VIP or Premium to level up and progress, while also making it a good option for VIP and Premium since you can have your printers next to them.

How they work
These bitminers most people know already how work, but for those that don't. You need a generate and to the generate you can directly connect a cable to the bitminer or you can have a power cord with more bitminers connected to the generator. This generate runs on fuel of course and you have to keep putting fuel in it. Also when you open the menu to a bitminer type "help" and you will get a list of commands.

Some of those commands are:
mining start and mining stop
bitcoin info and bitcoin sell
And there are even more.

Also mayor reserves the right to make bitcoin mining illegal if he wants to.

I hope everyone will enjoy this and have fun.

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