TRIAL Bingo's Re-Application for Admin

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Jun 1, 2017
United Kingdom
Basic Details
  • Username: Bingo / Bing - 76561198129773893 -
  • Age: 20 Years Old (17/03/2001)
  • Location/Timezone: CST (Newcastle UK)
  • Are you/were you a mentor on our server? No, i wasn't a mentor but have been admin multiple times on CCRP & have been Admin on SWRP aswell
  • When did you join the server? During Medieval RP days soo.. Mid/Late 2016 i think, been here a while though
  • Are you part of our Discord? Yes i am, Bing#1000 512855319399890993
Your Experience
  • Have you Administered a Garry's Mod server before, if yes, do you have experience of ULX & DarkRP administrative tools?: Yes i have! been admin on here many times and have experience with ULX & DarkRP Administrative tools (may need a quick refresher but should pick it up quick), also have been admin on Elysian Gaming back before CCRP in 2015/early 2016 & a few other servers i cant really remember (small/just generally forgot as its been god knows how long since ive played any server but CCRP) Also been admin here multiple times & on the DC SWRP server when it opened & helped set up a lot of the in game stuff up with bilbo etc
  • If you have administered a server, what would you consider to be your most difficult situation?: Honestly when EliteStudio came on CCRP when it was on EvoCity, the amount of minges on during that time was atrocious... server was capped in members and had to deal with kids screaming at each other & rdm cases constantly for about 2 weeks.. took a toll on me mentally & physically as i was on duty for like 16hr a day.
  • If you have never administered a Garry's Mod server before, have you administered any others (Besides your own)?: Yes, Elysian Gaming (Gone a while back but the owner was staff here for a bit), A few other grotty tiny servers and of course here & the DCSWRP server!
A bit more about you
  • Im fluent in french, lived there for 5 nearly 6 years, currently work 4 days a week monday tuesday thursday friday so during work hours (mon/tue/thur = 7-6 & fri = 7-8:30) im un-able to get online, weekends i can be active as fuck but also do play other games but when needed i can get here. I have experience in web design & coding and also have amazing customer service skills as i work retail (not really viable in gmod but means i have the patience of a god which is needed in sits 99% of the time), i am currently also doing courses but can play while doing them (only on wednesdays). Thats really it tbh

  • Also.. It says im staff on forum so maybe a good omen?? ;)


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Nov 30, 2015
You are more than welcome back Bingo, I will grant you a two week trial like the others. I know what you are good for, but its more to see if you will commit and stick around :)

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