REJECTED been RDA twice and im not waiting another 5 minutes just to play the game

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Jan 12, 2019
hunter one of them sounding like hes from the indian mountains RDA'd me and my friend than RDA'd me again nothing came of it (also missed the event because of hunter)
3rd RDA came when i got arrested for releasing my friend which the CG placed right next to me in debrief and says not to touch him even though im in developer console, there was nothing i could do appeal the arrest as nobody would pay attention when i was typing in the chat towards an admin so i type retry into the console as i cant be arsed to sit there and get RDA'd for the 4th time over all great first impression of a server, its CG and staff


Rick James

Third Reich
Jan 17, 2018
So you come here to openly display that u are incapable of processing the fact that there might not have been an admin on at that point of time? So what you shouldve done is connect to our Discord wich can be found on our homepage, call for an admin there and you wouldve recieved help in a matter of minutes.
We always have staff ready to go on should they be absent ingame.

However we will be less willing to sacrifice our freetime in order to satisfy your needs, if you give us attitude.
I dont know what you wished to achieve with this post other than to feed your own starving ego.

You will recieve no help due to your choice of trying to make us look bad.

Good day sir.
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