REJECTED Banned again from the discord? please explain.

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Mar 2, 2017
Germany or Portugal
This message was sent to Lobey and applies to you as well:

Nothing against you, but clearly you and Jakky keep causing Drama. Yesterday it happened again, this time people came to me especially staff members who are tired of the pair of you. It's causing them stress and making them want to leave, not to mention one of you geniuses decided to pull a Doxing on a member of staff (and im sure you know who) and leaks pictures of him. If It were me I wouldn't give a crap, however the person came to me and he wasn't happy at all. This isn't the first time you guys try to cause drama and both of you know about it. I got sent proper evidence, which I will not put up here as I'm still waiting for my peers (Drew and Xirii) to reply so we can decide on the matter. I do not understand what you guys got against SWRP, but all you do is try to cause drama on a daily basis(no point denying it cause we all know its true, especially last night). Some people respond others like Bilbo dont give a crap about the stuff said. I've been acting neutral all this time trying to calm both parties and I didn't want to get dragged into this mess. You are both adults and you both were part of the staff team. I can't see why you guys are trying to cause issues. Clearly, instead of causing drama you couldve come up to me and spoken about it and I would happily solve the issue.

Thank you
Sep 10, 2018
All i did was /me eats popcorn. lol Hows that causing drama. I just watched it all happen.. Also that image i posted in a non DC discord was sent to me and it wasn't in DC at all. At this point i'm just getting blamed and punished for people saying shit in SWRP discord. The worst thing i said yesterday was "it's not a hate circle, it's more of a decagon, because it has points". I can't see why i'm getting blamed for shit that wasn't me.
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