Ban Appeal Guide

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Nov 30, 2015
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Ban Appeal Guide
Banned? Bad Luck! You can contest it here if you feel it is unfair.
Use this guide to help you argue the case.
Note: All bans related to or involving cheating, exploitation or the use of hacks will be disregarded immediately. We operate a zero-tolerance policy to cheaters.

This system is in place for those who have been permanently banned, or banned for a time in excess of 1 day for any reason except cheating, exploitation of glitches or the use of hacks.

The Appeal Topic
  1. The title must be named accordingly. "<playername> Ban Appeal"
  2. The topic content must include the following:
    • A link to your steam profile
    • The time and date of your ban
    • The length of your ban
    • The reason for your ban
    • The name or steam profile of the admin who banned you
    • Why you should be unbanned
    • Any evidence that supports why you should be unbanned
  3. Post your topic. It must not include polls, abusive or offensive language (except when used in evidence), links to real-life profiles of the admin or the banned person and any information outside of the timescale of the ban.
The process
  1. All ban appeals are handled by either Drewbie or Xirii.
  2. We will assess the length of your ban, any evidence and your reasoning to be unbanned.
  3. Unbanning users is rare, and with all applications is not guaranteed. We have rules for a reason, and our admins try to be fair as possible with all bans.
  4. If your appeal is rejected, you may not contest it again.
- Xirii

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