Are the servers best days behind us?

Mar 14, 2018
Just to clarify I have not been on gmod in like 3 years so I can only really base my opinion on 2018 and what I see now so if I'm missing something please help me understand.

For one thing I gave up on the server initially due to map change, Evocity had changed so drastically that I couldn't recognize it from what it was previously, and now it doesn't even exist. some things have stayed pretty much the same such as getting lvls, mining and money printing but the differences are so drastic and I believe it reflects massively on the player base, Some of the major things I'd like to point out is Map change, from what I can see all servers with any meaningful pop have changed over to new maps, why? Here's my question why does that make it better? I could see how a new map would be refreshing but not necessarily better. other things I find to be negatively impacting the server is the fact the server is not online constantly like it used to. I've been looking up server information on battlemetrics and I noticed twice today that the server had shutdown kicking everyone off, why would I want to play on the server if I have to load in 2-3 times? I used to never think about server shutdowns when playing but looking at the servers recent history of downtimes it kinda makes sense why pop is as low as it is. some changes seem small but I think they change the feeling of the server entirely lets take gambling for instance, it used to be back in 2018 that you could play on machines, and there was a lot of them for a lot of people to be gambling at one time, when someone would hit a jackpot the room would be fill with energy for a time, nowadays you speak to one npc and you can't even tell if other people won or not, it seems like it lowers the amount of player interactions significantly. player interactions plays a huge role in a roleplay game. Change doesn't always mean better.

this post is not meant to be negative in anyway, in your opinion what happened to the server I cherished so much?


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Nov 29, 2021
I have never been on the server in the early days, as many other have. I just joined the server probably a week ago, and I've already spent what feels like a decade on the server. The changes on the server as you've mentioned. Is due to players on the server regularly. I used gambling on the start off my time on the server, and bored after some time alone. But that could be resolved, with more players on etc. Other than that, I would try playing as one of the "meta" roles on the server, which is either Factorian or Weed Grower. There is ENDLESS possibilities once you get your Factorian research's etc up and going.

You mentioned downtime. I have not even realized any downtime when I've been on for the past week.
No server downtime within 12h sessions, and generally no issues at all. I feel like the best that you could do, is just hop on, and see it for yourself/try it either when there are people online, or when its low-populated. Because either way I've been having the time of my life as far as Garry's Mod goes. I'd love to help you out in any ways possible to let you have the same feeling I've had.


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Jun 1, 2017
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I Agree with some of this, there was something about OG CCRP that was just so unique & fun, the mining etc, but at the same time i dont think the times are behind us, i think with enough people active we could get back to where we are, find out ways to advertise etc. If we do stay active and are able to pull new members then we can grow, dont get me wrong i miss the old days but at the same time the server has to keep fresh.