Appreciation week

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Jun 15, 2019
This week we are going to appreciate some of the fellow brothers who have truly brought DC to the lime light:
Smashy - Showed that retards can truly fit into the DC community no matter how much of a virgin they are (Clap for biggest virgin to be in DC)
Bilbo - Showed that with nukes you can physically be an asshole with little effort (Clap for coolest fist-o in DC)
Tk -
Bogge - Showed that even when banned you ain't banned (Clap for biggest cock blocker in DC)
Hades - Showed that it doesn't take talent to be high status, only the biggest dick attitude to make anyone submit (Clap for biggest alpha in DC)
Kj - Shit posts and keeps these forums alive XD (Clap for biggest basement dweller)
Darkes/Tup - You fool this is just a filler name (Clap for the fool card)
General Sleep - Makes those high heels work (Clap for Cutest egirl on DC)

Last Award for the Tuesday Appreciation week goes to

Bruce - Showing that a bunch of losers on a starwars server can free a man sentenced to court #DilIsFree (Clap for biggest social justice in DC and History)
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