Appreciation week day #2 Staff/Builder's

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Jun 15, 2019
Why not kick this one off with the people who have really been there for us
Nea - Was always giving people role's and is now Palpatine (Clap for DC's best no mic user)
Alexware02 - Has been with community for a long time and helped with some major updates (Clap for DC's community dad)
Cipher - An actual amazing war hero and a man who has worked really hard (Clap for DC's best soilder)
Bear - Amazing ex admiral currently doing good events and keeping community fun (Clap for Bear of he will "break you")
Kai - Being staff and being lazy combined (Clap for laziest staff)

Now once again (insert drum role.jpeg)

The biggest staff/builder to appreciate is...

UNDENIED - No words can express this man's influence on the server, not only has he retained one of the highest activities for so long but he consistently works hard. He became Head Builder recently and has been doing amazing things truly suprising to see. He is undoubtedly someone worthy of biggest appreciation! (Clap for the best builder and rper on DC)
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