ACCEPTED Andromeda Ban Appeal

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Sep 14, 2018
A link to your steam profile:
The time and date of your ban: 9/14/2018 around 11:40am EST
The length of your ban: 12 hours
The reason for your ban: "LTAP"
The name or steam profile of the admin who banned you: "Jedi Padawan Zenith" cannot get his steam profile, and his name in parenthesis is just box symbols.
Why you should be unbanned: I was being falsely arrested by "CG LCPL 2808 Vagos" for "disrespect" when I did nothing to him that would be considered "disrespect". Even another CG (CG Alexis) said he was falsely arresting me. When CG Alexis told CG Vagos that there was no reason to arrest me and to let me go, CG Vagos called CG Alexis an idiot and to "fuck off". CG Alexis then called an admin, to which Zeus responded. Zeus said nothing could be done. Not only was CG Vagos falsely arresting me, but disrespecting another CG, and nothing was done? I was fed up so I left, and got banned for LTAP.
Any evidence that supports why you should be unbanned: You can ask CG Alexis, Vagos was out of line and plain out rude to both of us. This was one of my first experiences on the server, and it has left a very bad impression.
Not open for further replies.