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Nov 30, 2015
Hi everyone! there's been a lot of movement and talk in the community about what should be done and what needs to be done. The current discussions are now mostly taking place on the forums which is great. This is a much better place for it because its easy for me to read and catch up. It also gives everyone a chance to speak their mind. However some of you might wonder what do I think about the current situation and what needs to be done. After speaking with several community members I have some thoughts. Remember I'm not an active player and I may be wrong, and don't be afraid to say otherwise.

Bf2 or CGI doesn't really matter if we go with high end CGI models in terms of content size and loading onto the server. If we are using both very high res models its just a matter of what you would like to play bf2 or CGI. And in this case im refering to this thread:

The super team and I need to rework it eitherway because its currently a mess.

When it comes to a conclusion on which to go for I don't really have any because as long as they are about the same size, it really doesn't matter that much to me. But if I was playing I would enjoy bf2 more. Remember when we switched over to CGI was because the content was so heavy which it is now, so we can get to that point on CGI as well.

41st and green company
I think the time is right to reintroduce 41st and green company. Why? Because now we have too many "frontline and breaching regiments" I feel its out of balance. Something to back me up on this is:

With it I also think SC should focus more on torture and assassinations and remove their sniper rifles pherhaps? But let me just say that everytime a regiment dies we cannot replace or add a new one, but in this case its also for the sake of the balance.

Events & Deployment day
As I have seen the staff team are great at keeping up events and they are effective, but how about we lower the amount of events and rather spend more time on the lore around it and tailor them to make more sense RP wise? And re-introduce deployment day. I remember there use to be a lot of talk about deployment day on discord and to me it I had the impression people really enjoyed it, but it takes effort and it takes time from the staff which means we cannot deliver on high amount of events if we would make them more story based.
After speaking with @Undenied_Player I think its a shame we lost this, and I guess people would like quality over quantity? It will also give regiments more time for training and tryouts, while an event can be planned.

There is probably a lot more to do, but we need to start somewhere, and we need to start piece by piece.
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Dec 1, 2019
With it I also think SC should focus more on torture and assassinations and remove their sniper rifles pherhaps?
i totally agree, although shadow did have snipers when 41st were still around, that was when shadow stalkers(the snipers) were a group of 4, since then stalkers has been made into an entirely separate sub regiment which kind of defeats the purpose of shadow of assassination and getting in behind enemy lines.

That being said, if 41st is to be readded then I believe that stalker should either become a small squad/a specialisation of 3 snipers instead of a whole sub reg
Jul 4, 2018
As someone who Created Deployment Days It was a lot of work and lots of hours behind the Scenes with CO EXO Fleet Gens and Staff to make sure that we Focused and Created Deployment days that was fun and had story and Players decisions matters hell there was times within Deployment Days where players changed the outcome of the whole story. it was something Different and created buzz about something new regarding events
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