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<div class="bbWrapper">standalofttommy<br /> <br /> fruitypoo1jr#9199<br /> <br /> I like to be called Tommy.<br /> <br /> Age of 22.<br /> <br /> BST.<br /> <br /> I am currently with no division.<br /> <br /> I play as my only character a Clone Trooper.<br /> <br /> Usually up to 8-10 hours.<br /> <br /> Up to 15 hours during weekends.<br /> <br /> I have never been punished in game.<br /> <br /> No punishment on SWRP Discord.<br /> <br /> No punishment on other Discord servers.<br /> <br /> For the fact I'm willing to put in these hours for the younger generations to enjoy this amazing game. I also have a lot of administrative experience within sandbox games and SWRP games. Before I came to Gmod I ran a 10k strong Star wars game within Roblox with secure Administration and Moderation.<br /> <br /> I'm currently studying game design (a student in university) my goal is to eventually working with game companies expanding my career in something I love. I play football every weekend as a hobby you could say. I'm living in England with my family until I complete my education and move onto getting employed with a well-paying company. I have my GCSE'S for: History, English, Maths, Spanish, Physical Education and Geography. I'm a proud owner of a lisp (Making my speech slightly slurd). I personally love to play Battlefield 2 and grind on games like that. I am unsure on what else to type.<br /> <br /> Confidence is my personality trait.<br /> <br /> Due to my experience and job field I believe I would qualify well for such a career. Explained above ^<br /> <br /> I have.<br /> <br /> My duties simply to take reports, investigate and go from there.<br /> <br /> I have.<br /> <br /> My duties where to review reports and maintain order within the server.<br /> <br /> I have not.<br /> <br /> First off, I verify this is true by checking the suspects recent chat. If they have I warn them and tell them &quot;Next time It's a ban&quot; If he stops then problem resolved but if he continues I take action and give him a ban on this game's ban time for such an act.<br /> <br /> I warn my 'friend' and let him know if he continues action will be taken for example a ban or a kick. He would be given a warning.<br /> <br /> I alert everyone to clear the landing zone and hopefully allow the user to land safely without causalities I would also alert the pilot to look before he takes his action and verify with ATC the landing zone is clear. <br /> <br /> I do understand.</div>
Dec 7, 2018
Stockholm, Sweden
1. The Discord account is newly made.
2. You seem to be really new to the server as no one seems to know who you are.
3. You joined discord and forums today, which makes it seem like you just joined.
And then we got a few stuff that just seems odd but no need to mention that.
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