501st To CG

Apr 16, 2019
In-Game Name: 501st Torrent EXO Appo
Discord Name: TheKIngOfMadness420
Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198880899547/
Current Regiment and Rank: 501st EXO
Date Of Last Transfer:N/A
Why do You Want To Transfer Regiment: I would Like to Because I'll want to try something New
How Long Have You Been In the Regiment: 4-5 Months
Your Current SWRP Experience 450 Hours ( as Soon As I Got Gmod I Came Straight On to A SWRP)
Regiment you Plan To Transfer Experience: N/A
Did your XO/CO Approve You: Yes
Do You Accept The Terms Stated above and The Ones The General's add: Yes