Jun 2, 2019
Basic Information
  • In-Game Name: 501st TC SSJ TCPT 5385 Tup
  • Discord Name: cyka#6214
  • Steam Profile:https://steamcommunity.com/id/1253789456/
  • Current Regiment and Rank 501st TCPT
  • Regiment you want to transfer to Shadow
  • Date of last transfer april 4
Transferal Information
  • Why do you want to transfer regiment: Because i want to go back to sniping
  • How long have you been on the current regiment 4 months 11 days
  • Your current SWRP experience: 41st,501st (1 year of experience)
  • Regiment you plan to transfer experience*: i was a 41st for 8 or 10 months so i am good at sniping
  • Did your XO / CO approve you: yes
  • Do you accept the terms stated above and the ones the General's add: YES