104 transfer to CG

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Jun 12, 2019
I am look to join CG from 104th,the 104th is great but i feel alot like CG will suit me better and i would love to join them.

I have been in my regement for nearly a week now.

I have played over 500 hours on other SWRP servers then my PC broke so i had a break now its back and im planning to spend alot of time on this server as its my favourite.
At the moment i absolutely love this server and am going to be as committed as i can be.

I know a decent amount about CG and think they're amazing and really hope to be able to transfer to them

My CO for 104th (death) has approved of my transfer.

I do accept all the terms and really hope you can accept my transfer application.

Thankyou -104th PVT LAMB
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