ğŸŽƒHalloween on CrewConflictRP ğŸŽƒ

Hello! as we approach october, I have pushed the halloween update. Its the usual if you have been around for a while, halloween printers and halloween thief. There's also event addon which drops candy you can turn in for halloween printers. Also we are using a day and night cycle to make it a bit more spooky.

Added a lot of models to the halloween thief such as demogorgen from stranger things and scream from dead by daylight. Halloween printers are also in and they are a lot better than the usual printers.

Old crewmod back
So the "mgangs" was not holding up and duping cash and making it so I had to block withdrawing money, it also fucked up some stash items. So I've decided to install and fix up the old crewmod where you could set spawn points and shit for those that remember that and use /xpboost.

Evocity dc tropics v2
Evocity dc tropics has been upgraded to V2, this took a long time because the map was buggy and missing textures. Now its more optimized, has a casino and the render distance is increased.

More decorations around the map will come as we go, you can also feel free to contribute to decorating if you want. You can contact me or @Del Boy to perma prop it, if not just save it to your duplicator.

ğŸŽƒ Happy halloween ğŸŽƒ