1. Mr DoggoOnTheRadio

    Weapons Actually working tasers

    For cops, like if your quote on quote "Scum bag" isn't behaving when you're trying to arrest them, why don't the cops get working tasers that ragdoll someone for 5 secs (can be longer) And the cops can catch up to them? I mean it'd be op as frick if it had long range capability.
  2. Soka

    Jobs/Economy Soka's Police Suggestion

    My suggestion is to add a taser for the police. It would help with their jobs as when someone is running now you can stop then instead of getting into a firefight. It also would make RP like hostage situations more interesting as now the police can do a non-lethal takedown. I know this...
  3. [ISS] The 'Lone Ranger


    Hey guys, I want to introduce you to mighty Taser! Heh...? What? No not the taser! THE Taser! You might know this unit from PDH or PD2. Weapon: Reason: Imagine an unit capable of stunning effect lasting longer than any other taser an unit that can take down highly dangerous criminals...