staff abuse and disrespect

  1. Lumi

    Admin Abuse & False Ban

    Just today, I was falsly banned by CodiazM. He noclipped through a wall of someone's base, raided it, and proceeded to tell players that he didn't noclip and jumped the fence. Later, an admin named "D Pervy Senpai" glitched through another base wall and there is video proof (link is below //...
  2. [DC] [<3] camysteele44

    Emma abuse (Others have input)

    Hello everyone, It has come to my attention, and several other staff members, that Emma steps out of line with her role as administrator. There have been several cases in which Emma has no clipped (yes others do to) around the map and back to her base after dying, along with incidents involving...
  3. Pajkaxd

    Cammy abusing and disrespect

    So today I was playing and I just said I got rda ( but then when I did /laws I know then why I have been arrested ) then came said stop being a crying baby I'm just like I wasn't because I tho I got . Then he called me a polish retard. Evidence are on my phone so I need someone email to send it