1. 212th AB (*) 1919 Swampy

    Regimental Arc Troopers

    Make Regimental Arc Troopers for SGT+ Vips That will get more people to buy vip and it will get more ranks into regiments (More higher ranks on at all times) It will also make certain Regiments more populair A model pack that could be used...
  2. TheGamingPlague


    I brought VIP yesterday and the owner came on and gave me the rank. Now iI join today and I still don't have the rank. Please fix this and give me the rank as I love the server so much but cant play with my VIP perms.
  3. GG Abdey


    Sales ? I was just wondering if theres gonna be any summer sale. I dont know how much you're currently making but you could do a summer sale and maybe ask "Elite Studio" to do Advertisement. (If he makes more videos on it) Elite Studios Channel: