1. Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween

    Happy halloween
  2. One of us

    One of us

    One of us, one of us!
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    Player Report Filterd

    Player Reporting: Filterd (Void) (STEAM_0:0:180353742) Reason: Chat spam, No Intent To RP/Minge Explanation: I was first rdmed by him, i made a sit he was dealt with and admitted to not caring. A few seconds later he mic spams infront of ormen and he is gagged. then pass time he is still...
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    REJECTED Admin Application

    Hello! I am from the Crew Conflict Community and i go by the name of Br4dley i have been on the server for a while now and recently decided that i should apply for admin because why not i can help people who need help and look like a badass whilst doing it ;) i used to play with the OG's such as...