1. AndreasHafjall

    ACKNOWLEDGED Arrested when I join the server

    So... I got arrested and my game crashed, so I rejoined and went back to jail (fair enough). But then I crashed again (this time not in jail) and when I rejoined I got send back to jail. So I tried to fix it with some help from 2 admins, but it didn't work. I tried to wait out timer and got...
  2. N

    IN PROGRESS Lost evrything

    When I joined today all my inventory was gone (only had an epic scar-h +109 in my inventory before everything vanished), my storage was gone (which the things that i most cared about there was 2k coal, 5 weapon parts and 70-90 cooper ingots. I had other ingots but not in large quantity so i...
  3. Snoxikox

    Report = MrTeaTimes

    Hi! I would like to report MrTeaTime for either hacking or glitching on the server. I had a base at one of the warehouse and then he stole my car, drove straight trough the gate and all my props like if the car had nocolide or someting I dont know if this is a bug or a hack/glitch but please...