gang recruiting

  1. Quickscoper

    Death Dose Recruitment

    hi there, if you clicked on this thread you are probably intrested in joining a crew, or posibly my crew. so before you want to join you probably want to know some stuff abaut our crew, like: 1. Currently Were A Lvl 8 crew. 1.2 Our Stats Are: 1.2.1 Health - +75...
  2. Nautica

    GucciGang Application Thread

    Goals Our goals here at GucciGang are to rake in the most cash and get rid of the law and anyone besides us. As part of GucciGang you will help us reach this by printing, raiding, cooking drugs, and anything else that will bring in profit. Requirments The requirements for this gang will be...
  3. S

    Gambling Addicted Recruiting

    To join the Gambling Addicted gang you need to do the following: Have a cringe name Put GA in every name you have Become gambling addicted And reply to this post