1. B

    Are the servers best days behind us?

    Just to clarify I have not been on gmod in like 3 years so I can only really base my opinion on 2018 and what I see now so if I'm missing something please help me understand. For one thing I gave up on the server initially due to map change, Evocity had changed so drastically that I couldn't...
  2. Returning legend winning

    Returning legend winning

    Returning legend winning
  3. Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween

    Happy halloween
  4. P

    Possible Map Change - HAVE YOUR SAY (READ BEFORE VOTING)

    We are looking into changing the map for CCRP server 1. The map choices will be in the poll, here is some clarification : rp_downtown_tits_v2 = Current Map rp_evocity_v33x_dc = The older EvoCity (no alcatraz) rp_evocity_tropics_dc = The most recent EvoCity (the one we just left for Downtown)...
  5. Nuclear_killer

    Add-ons Business systems

    Hello everyone, so this is my suggestion thread. I would suggest some business Addon's. The addon's are from gmodstore. I didn't found a free version in the workshop. Number 1) Simple Cigarette Factory The Simple Cigarette Factory is an addon, that allows you to produce cigarettes illegally...
  6. T

    RESOLVED Car modification crash

    Just found a new bug where if customize your car on CCRP with skins it crashes. Here's how to recreate the bug: Go to customzie your car -> go to skins -> When its on "0" press backwards so it goes negative, when on negative 2 (-2) it crashes gmod, it happend once on negative 1 to, but mostly...
  7. Successful event

    Successful event

    Successful event hosted and picture taken by @Fasnodasa
  8. The firefighters are on scene

    The firefighters are on scene

    Two vehicles from the fire department. Picture taken by @[409:@gamermovie]
  9. The anti minge mobile

    The anti minge mobile

    Hans is on duty and hunting the minges
  10. Busy at the casino

    Busy at the casino

    Busy at the casino
  11. Mayor hosted a meeting

    Mayor hosted a meeting

    Mayor hosted a meeting with the government.
  12. Travellers pledge

    Travellers pledge

    A night at the travellers pledge
  13. Slow ride

    Slow ride

    Take it easy!