bug reports

  1. F

    RESOLVED Lost inventory and levels

    So after playing for a while i decided to buy a full inventory of tec-9's, i entered in 52 tec-9's and got kicked out of the server with some error message. After logging back in everything I had in my inventory, including storage was gone along with all of my levels. The only things that...
  2. CozyRo

    RESOLVED Inventory gone :(

    Help me My inventory and levels for mining are all reset and i lost about 400 of each material ore and 50 weapon parts and a mac-11 I was playing yesterday from around 4pm(afternoon) until 5am today, when i come back from college and log in everything is gone. please help if i need to do...
  3. AndreasHafjall

    ACKNOWLEDGED Arrested when I join the server

    So... I got arrested and my game crashed, so I rejoined and went back to jail (fair enough). But then I crashed again (this time not in jail) and when I rejoined I got send back to jail. So I tried to fix it with some help from 2 admins, but it didn't work. I tried to wait out timer and got...
  4. Ice

    RESOLVED SWRP GM chat bug

    Hi so, GM has 2 special jobs: the Flame trooper and the magma trooper. Allot of our higher ups use these jobs. The problem is that a standard GM job (trooper,SGT,LT) cannot communicate with these jobs via the radio nor team chat. Why? We have no idea. I think those jobs are not catagorized into...
  5. Skylark

    Skylark's Storage Bug

    So I've had this problem where I can't actually access the storage NPC because every time I click E on the NPC it causes a script error.
  6. L

    Lost 700mil because of the atm machine

    Once in my life i decided to put 700mil into my bank account. i had already 1bil in it and as i put about 777mil in it it said about 1.777bil. next morning playing on drews dark rp server i noticed i had only 1bil in my bank account. pls help me idk how this happend and i can only put this up as...
  7. Opxxy - WILDCASE.COM

    RESOLVED Bugged ATM (LOST 2.5B)

    (INGAME NAME: OPXXY) Today I had sold a gun for 2.5b then after i got payed I quickly put money in atm and joined server 2 and the 2.5 b never returned (I was told by staff to restart game and Rejoin) didnt work . Hope you can help, Opxxy...
  8. J

    crew bug need to fix

    hi, i have some buggs with crew menu/ f7 menu.. i cant do anything in there? so if someone know what to do? :) steam url : https://steamcommunity.com/id/joeelkarlssoonn/ steamID : STEAM_0:0:422066811
  9. TryHardJackster

    RESOLVED Crashing Bug Causing Item Loss

    So this event happened around 9:00, 31st August 2017 The Terrorists were taking over the bank, however the server stopped responding for a mere 10 seconds before I was planning to counter the event so i went into my inventory to get my Epic SS which I would use to kill the terrorists. However...