1. CJTV

    GM ARC to 212th ARC

    Basic Information In-Game Name: GM SSG 8888 Eights Discord Name: Chris James#8162 Steam Profile: Overwatcher Current Regiment and Rank GM ARC and SSG Regiment you want to transfer to 212th ARC Date of last transfer Never Transferal Information Why do you want to transfer regiment: Refresh...
  2. 212th AB (*) 1919 Swampy

    Regimental Arc Troopers

    Make Regimental Arc Troopers for SGT+ Vips That will get more people to buy vip and it will get more ranks into regiments (More higher ranks on at all times) It will also make certain Regiments more populair A model pack that could be used...
  3. Jakkydee

    Regimental ARC

    It's meant to be a difficult job getting into the ARC boys. I'm afraid the route ARC is going down is a strange one. Yes more troops in ARC will make it more enjoyable for the higher-up to do training and so on. However, the special ARC boys isn't so special anymore. My idea is *unoriginal and...