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  1. Inza

    Rogers Builder application :D

    I love this man +1
  2. Inza

    Bean's Staff app

    +1 is a good guy
  3. Inza

    Alexware02's Fleet Application

  4. Inza


    Imagine getting accepted on a transfer
  5. Inza

    ACCEPTED 104th Sleep application for Staff

    You seem like a nice guy +1
  6. Inza

    ACCEPTED Gambit's Staff app again

    You’re a chill player and I think you would make a great addition to the staff team +1
  7. Inza


  8. Inza

    Bills Staff Application.

    I like you as a person but you don’t suit the staff tram you’re not professional enough. -1
  9. Inza

    Re-RE Application

    You was staff before and you just minged as it got yourself demoted now your applying again. Your behaviour has not even improved it’s gotten worse. I have you a -1 last time and I’m going to do it again. -1
  10. Inza

    104th to CG (Ah shit, here we go again lads)

    Accept him and give him T PVT
  11. Inza

    212th to 501st

    Basic Information In-Game Name: Inza / Jack Discord Name: Inza#3239 Steam Profile: Current Regiment and Rank 212th and SSG Regiment you want to transfer to 501st Date of last transfer 03/11/19 Transferal Information Why do you want to transfer regiment: I don't like vehicles anymore How...
  12. Inza

    REJECTED Fallen Jedi

    "On a event" Staff pick out people for this it's wouldn't be a choice you can do at anytime you would only be able to do it if staff let you.
  13. Inza

    REJECTED Fallen Jedi

    An idea for Jedi, so when there is a Sith on a event give them the option to become “fallen” this would basically mean that they have fallen to the dark side aka become a Sith it would mean that the player in question would get a PK ( name change ) if they die or keep there name if they come...
  14. Inza

    212th to 41st

    Yea it has
  15. Inza

    212th to 41st

    Legends say that he will never get granted
  16. Inza

    ACCEPTED Phasma's Builder Application

    Shut up Mazy
  17. Inza

    ACCEPTED Phasma's Builder Application

    Looks great +1
  18. Inza

    Server Polls and Roadmap

    I mean it would be nice to see plans for future updates / stuff they are debating
  19. Inza

    Bill's Builder App

    Tbh those screen shots do. No need to be so blunt like xD
  20. Inza

    Bill's Builder App

    Uh oh stinky +1