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  1. Hairy_Butter

    What next?

    I want 91st 😇
  2. Hairy_Butter

    DC SWRP Reopening Idea

    If brooms get readded, I'm back.
  3. Hairy_Butter

    REJECTED Tenno's Staff Application

    He sucks at doing textscreens...
  4. Hairy_Butter

    A big suggestion

  5. Hairy_Butter

    Fucks sake...

  6. Hairy_Butter

    ACCEPTED Tricz Fleet Application

    Graves?? Haven't heard that name in a while.
  7. Hairy_Butter

    ACCEPTED Ultra's Fleet Application :)

    Very short, like my pp. But great guy, I would suggest you expand on the application.
  8. Hairy_Butter

    Loading Screen Votes

  9. Hairy_Butter

    Loading Screen Votes

  10. Hairy_Butter

    REJECTED i need to get unbanned

  11. Hairy_Butter

    Maps/Events s2 popularity boost

    Should be used for SWRP event server 😇
  12. Hairy_Butter

    Mythic fleet suggestion

    I agree
  13. Hairy_Butter

    Hairy's Transfer Request

    When some of my previous fleet members has left, and gotten into a regiment. I heard some complaints about how they got instantly promoted without a transfer request or anything. so I didn't know, and now I'm here.
  14. Hairy_Butter

    Hairy's Transfer Request

    Honestly, don't even know if I need to do this as a fleet, but here I am. Basic Information In-Game Name: Fleet Captain Hairy. Discord Name: Hairy Butter#4164 Steam Profile: Current Regiment and Rank Fleet and Captain. Regiment you want to transfer...
  15. Hairy_Butter

    Digital Minimalism Test

    Seriously though, good luck!
  16. Hairy_Butter

    Digital Minimalism Test

    This LOA is not approved by a staff member, and therefore you will be demoted.
  17. Hairy_Butter

    Add DB Remove AA from CTR training

    I think I use both AA and Base, and I will most likely continue to do so if it's changed, it's not something that I really think about, and people knows what I mean anyways. So I don't care.