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  1. Xirii

    rdm by xirii

    > cant use shadow play with his own mic > cant hear him generally being a cunt on mic gg joe
  2. Xirii

    Mr.besst being biased

    No it isn't an invalid point considering most admins have noted your complete mingeworthy behaviour either to me or Pixal. Sort your shit out, its quite simple.
  3. Xirii

    Mr.besst being biased

    I'll repeat myself here since you like to take what I say out of context yourself Frek. I was told you took printers from an unranked player that had been raided against the rules. Although the base was open, you still opted to take what normally would be protected contents. I was asked what...
  4. Xirii

    BennyTheBulldozer Unban Appeal

    I completely memed here and banned you guys when the offender got off scott free, apologies.
  5. Xirii

    Karsten, BennyTheBulldozer and LeoPlaysyt

    User(s) were banned for this post.
  6. Xirii

    IN PROGRESS Friend lost all of his inventory

    Without a steam ID we can't do anything - there's no such thing as 'database logs', just the database itself. Given there is around 30,000 inventories stored at any given time, I could do with that ID to help track changes and figure out what happened.
  7. Xirii

    disconnected cheating/hacking.

    The disconnection is a failsafe by the anti-cheat when you timed out during connection. This sometimes happens if your content isn't quite up-to-date, your connection to DC isn't very good or the server is lagging heavily. Unless it says you were banned, this is simply a protection measure as...
  8. Xirii

    Bigger inventory

    Everyone gets 5k Maximum for their inventory space and 50k bank space as a premium member. VIPs get 3k inventory space and 30k bank space. Staff members including myself do not get additional storage - nor is it awarded to any player. There are a few people who had the rank change...
  9. Xirii

    ACCEPTED JaisS' Ban appeal

    "didnt see if they shot" - killed em anyway ok i mean its been three months so you can be unbanned, just dont slaughter an entire room of people some of which were just observing while you massacred them.
  10. Xirii

    FASNODASA admin report

    Screenshots or are we just bitching about each other like a couple of homos Cause all I'm seeing is just people talking shit in what you've got
  11. Xirii

    RESOLVED Premium Pocket

    ProTip @Mr.Bestt - you can pick up stuff that occupies a slot but belongs to an item already in your pocket. This taking up two instead of one location for a single item. You can press reload at any time to see what is in your pocket and from there you can drop it.
  12. Xirii

    Lobey's apology

    I mean thanks for the apology but let me just file it with all the others... It does not excuse your actions regardless of how proper you thought your position was. There's a proper procedure for a reason, and with that in mind this ban will not be rescinded.
  13. Xirii

    ACCEPTED Admin report on Wolfgang 2019/03/23

    I don't have the capacity to check the full logs at this present time, however it is clear the admin did bad m'kay. Having logs isn't an issue, regardless of who sent them. Nobody is getting permanently banned for reporting an admin and frankly @MrKiller you are the least qualified person to...
  14. Xirii

    REJECTED GstreamIG's Ban Appeal

    There is a difference between being genuinely sorry and just begging to get unbanned, this guy is doing the latter. No colliding your car is a very intentional thing and not something that happens just by accident. Even with an apology - no matter how sincere - it was still a very intentional...
  15. Xirii

    REJECTED GstreamIG's Ban Appeal

    No colliding a vehicle and using it in that is exploiting. Exploiting carries a permanent ban for all participants in the vehicle. Unsure as to why the passenger was only banned for 10 hours, this will be corrected. Appeal closed.
  16. Xirii

    Money printers the new and the old

    No you can make event printers still - there is no reason we cant use the old system just for event use.
  17. Xirii

    Money printers the new and the old

    I think there is still a lot of misconception between both kinds of printers. Both printers output exactly the same in terms of cash based on their grade, both the maximum figures, and their cash-per-tick. The drop rate for blueprints is identical New printers have an advantage because they...
  18. Xirii

    REDUCED MrKiller Ban Appeal

    As players are just using this as an excuse to make volumes of cash, printer selling is now limited to once per 24 hour event.
  19. Xirii

    Lost 160 million (not a bug)

    As stated in Pully's appeal, all outstanding deals are now null and void. His weapons, and account have now been deleted. If you have evidence or confirmation of the deal/exchange we can return the money however it must show an agreement of the amount specified above. Confirmation of the deal...
  20. Xirii

    RESOLVED Ownership of Kar Krew Klub

    Alrighty, I'll need your Steam ID to make the change.