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  1. Malkiax

    REJECTED Pixal Admin Abuse

    Imagine being pathetic enough to put a poll on your player report? Liking thinking that would actually help your situation. Reading through this report just exudes immaturity and pettiness. Plus some Welsh people are alright as long as they're LOYAL TO THE CROWN
  2. Malkiax

    REJECTED Dragon's Staff Application

    Then surely you could just put 21? Since August is 3 months away
  3. Malkiax

    REJECTED Dragon's Staff Application

    IDK the guy so I won't comment on that. What I do wanna know is why your age is "21/22"? its not important but it BUGS me
  4. Malkiax

    Offensive General Easten and his atrocities (fixed)

    Imagine getting reported for offending people and doing your job? Clearly Easten is out of control. I DO NOT trust his judgement as General so clearly all those under him must also be untrust worthy, 501st, 212th, RC AND Easten are all now Cadets
  5. Malkiax

    Your Kai In April Update

    Greetings people of the Republic! Now that we're swiftly approaching the anniversary of the servers creation its time to make a new update to shake things up a bit! Due to amazing breakthroughs at Kai Industries and Unlimited Bird Works we have now got LFS AI for all republic ships! however due...
  6. Malkiax

    EastenWolfs Staff Application

    Due to concerns and recent issues that have been occurring this staff application is being DECLINED. You may re-apply after 2 weeks however I recommend you use this time to get established as General and 212th CO
  7. Malkiax

    Smarty's Staff Application

    Due to past actions on the server and attitude your application is DENIED for now. However now that you're back I'm sure you'll change our minds in the future so best of luck moving forward
  8. Malkiax

    REDUCED Spectre's Unban Application

    I find it interesting as I was talking to TK on my walk home, arguing my point as to why it should be at least 2 months, if not a perma ban, and he did his best to give me as much detail as possible as well as explain his reasoning for why it shouldn't be a perma. However seeing how swiftly you...
  9. Malkiax

    Report on Kai / gay bird

    @Darkeshelios Well okay then. Guess I'll just step down. Bye all. its been more lit than an arsonist in an orphanage. PEACE
  10. Malkiax

    Hobbes' SWRP Staff Application

    -1 Hobbes never gave me edgy af shadow commander signature he promised me back in June / July. 100% unreliable. jk. I'll abstain and see what happens later on. but from what I know: you were staff on SWRP, then went to be Event Manager on CCRP, then left around when Death left. And so you're...
  11. Malkiax

    RC Models

    Heya, Since the current model format is based on the Clone Wars CGI TV series. In which all humanoid beings are depicted as having slimmer limbs than they do in the live action films. Additionally a couple of things: Both the current models and the ones you suggest use the same base model. The...
  12. Malkiax

    Report on KSC

    Closing this thread since it's reached its natural end. In future people keep reports for reporting players when staff miss something like RDM or abuse (verbal or rank)
  13. Malkiax

    Report on KSC

    None of that is evidence. That 1st one is an opinion and the second is a statement: you will be demoted if you go against, or besmirch, your Commander. If you have issues with someone's leadership you have options: 1. Leave the Regiment (Worst case only really) 2. Grow some balls and be direct...
  14. Malkiax

    REJECTED Watson Unban Appeal

    You were banned for the same reason as Sherlock. You both came on the server and thought you could get away with MRDMing a bunch of players. Shocker: You couldnt. The ban remains. Appeal Denied
  15. Malkiax

    Regimental ARC

    That was the proposed idea originally but it was declined. also: "My idea is original and has been done on many servers before" massive contradiction there
  16. Malkiax

    REJECTED Jedi Knight Percy Ban Appeal

    The ban was given for a week and a week it will remain. Situations like this sually results in a perma ban. Both Luminara and myself agree that in context surrounding the issue it could be argued to be hotheadedness. However should any more information about this come to light which makes the...
  17. Malkiax

    REJECTED Sherlock's Unban Appeal

    I was called because you were MRDMing people on the Venator. I logged on and you were will RDMing people. There's no downtime on the server and as such this ban will not be lifted. Appeal Denied
  18. Malkiax

    ACCEPTED Solid Discord Unban Appeal

    I'll unban you from the discord. however please do not tag all roles etc in future
  19. Malkiax

    REJECTED Ban Appeal

    The inital 12 hour ban was extended due to a number of issues. especially this being a repeat offence. Abuse of cadets is also a very serious issue as it affects the playerbase as you're supposed to give a good first impression to players. The ban was originally extended to two weeks and was...
  20. Malkiax

    Frost's Staff App

    He is very active with GM, he's lead GM for an exceptionally long time and I suggested he takes some time to do other things as a high ranking Jedi. English is his second, or third, language. As GM CO I'm extremely happy with his advice and activity since both him and I have been in GM for long...