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  1. Xirii

    Ok so I leave

  2. Xirii

    REJECTED Banned again from the discord? please explain.

    > fucking around by posting irl photos of staff/players without permission ok.
  3. Xirii

    Brit Ban Appeal

    This application is forwarded to @Drewbie for him to deal with personally. The incident, from what I can tell was pre-wipe. Note that your application has been acknowledged but will only be replied to by Drewbie from this point onwards.
  4. Xirii

    Fasnodasa Banned unjustly

    You can't press and hold E on anything to keep using it, you have to actually press the button. Unless your headset was your mum's dildo machine you were using a macro.
  5. Xirii

    REJECTED Rivano's Admin application

    Nope You anger too quickly in certain situations I don't think you have a good understanding of our rules, and recently, like before you have been breaking our most basic rules which have resulted in warns and bans. Your lack of audio and willingness to speak to players can cause difficulty in...
  6. Xirii

    Report on Hades.

    Lobey I warned you already about continuing to cause problems. This report has absolutely no reason to exist or any basis. This entire report will be disregarded, I've already spoken to many of the people already mentioned. Including those you attribute as targeting you. They have been called...
  7. Xirii

    RESOLVED My inventory and skills were wiped. 2018.01.04 - 2018.01.05

    No backup found, but weapons were re-created.
  8. Xirii

    RESOLVED My inventory and skills were wiped. 2018.01.04 - 2018.01.05

    I am currently looking at the backups to find a complete inventory
  9. Xirii

    ACCEPTED Please fully read Lobeys 2nd Ban appeal

    While that might be suitable for some servers we don't typically work with that ethos as it simply introduces red tape and indecision resulting in typically someone who is guilty able to play scott free. That said bans should not be issued for merely using the word negro or even nigger unless...
  10. Xirii

    REJECTED tRashMan Ban Appeal

    dIsReSpEcT iS nOt A pUnIsHaBlE oFfEnCe
  11. Xirii

    REJECTED boysvalentin Ban Appeal

    I killed you, you immediately returned after your death to try and kill me. Additionally, you didn't advert terror and opted to open fire. RDM and specifically revenge DM is not permitted on our servers.
  12. Xirii

    REJECTED AJRC Ban appeal

    It's a 1 day ban as it was clear you and Rivano were working together to raid the bank. He was telling you to stop shooting. Sure you might not have stopped, but it sounds like at some stage you both agreed to raid the bank together - you just opted not to uphold the deal. In any case...
  13. Xirii

    REJECTED yEET 21's Ban Appeal

    I have no strict rules on using the word nigger other than it will not be used as an insult outside of RP to another player or used to refer to them in a derogatory manner. I do however have a strict tolerance on spamming the living shit out of the word in OOC. Filling your chatbox with the...
  14. Xirii

    ACCEPTED Bram Ban Appeal

    See Bingus' appeal.
  15. Xirii

    ACCEPTED Bingus' Ban Appeal

    It's clear although unintentional that there has been attempts to spawn printers within the advised timescale. As printers are changing soon these punishments are largely unnecessary however I will stress that attempts to avoid our rules are met with stringent responses. The largest fuckup...
  16. Xirii

    Grand Drew's Community Christmas Giveaway (CCRP) - WINNERS

    Not unless your name is Rivano. This is a selection list from which he can pick a lucky winner for Premium. He still gets $500m otherwise he wouldn't recieve a present on christmas *sad emoji* Codiaz has opted to return his VIP prize to the event gift pool. So keep playing for a chance to win VIP.
  17. Xirii

    Grand Drew's Community Christmas Giveaway (CCRP) - WINNERS

    For those who won VIP/Premium and you already have that or a better rank your prizes are sadly forfeit to the full list of entrants who didn't win a prize. This list isn't filtered for who is premium/vip so you'll be doing the leg work on this one. However, for your trouble, you both get $500m...
  18. Xirii

    Grand Drew's Community Christmas Giveaway (CCRP) - WINNERS

    The following prizes were assigned a number: Yogscast JingleJam Bundle - 1 Premium - 2 VIP - 3 ARMA 3 - 4 Project Cars 2 - 5 The Escapists - 6 Random Legendaries - 7, 8, 9, 10 $500m Cash - 11, 12 With the RNG picking 12 numbers, each prize is assigned in order that person came in the raffle...
  19. Xirii

    Grand Drew's Community Christmas Giveaway (CCRP) - WINNERS

    Congratulations, the winners for the Grand Drew's Community Christmas Giveaway (CCRP) have been announced. 1st - Aurel Smith, 2nd - Strox, 3rd - ching, 4th - YaYeet, 5th - Eoin tm 150, 6th - JayTheDepressedGarbage, 7th - Rivano, 8th - Hairy_Butter, 9th - Soka, 10th - Cute, 11th - тнє Codiaz...