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  1. Malkiax

    REJECTED Watson Unban Appeal

    You were banned for the same reason as Sherlock. You both came on the server and thought you could get away with MRDMing a bunch of players. Shocker: You couldnt. The ban remains. Appeal Denied
  2. Malkiax

    Regimental ARC

    That was the proposed idea originally but it was declined. also: "My idea is original and has been done on many servers before" massive contradiction there
  3. Malkiax

    REJECTED Jedi Knight Percy Ban Appeal

    The ban was given for a week and a week it will remain. Situations like this sually results in a perma ban. Both Luminara and myself agree that in context surrounding the issue it could be argued to be hotheadedness. However should any more information about this come to light which makes the...
  4. Malkiax

    REJECTED Sherlock's Unban Appeal

    I was called because you were MRDMing people on the Venator. I logged on and you were will RDMing people. There's no downtime on the server and as such this ban will not be lifted. Appeal Denied
  5. Malkiax

    ACCEPTED Solid Discord Unban Appeal

    I'll unban you from the discord. however please do not tag all roles etc in future
  6. Malkiax

    REJECTED Ban Appeal

    The inital 12 hour ban was extended due to a number of issues. especially this being a repeat offence. Abuse of cadets is also a very serious issue as it affects the playerbase as you're supposed to give a good first impression to players. The ban was originally extended to two weeks and was...
  7. Malkiax

    Frost's Staff App

    He is very active with GM, he's lead GM for an exceptionally long time and I suggested he takes some time to do other things as a high ranking Jedi. English is his second, or third, language. As GM CO I'm extremely happy with his advice and activity since both him and I have been in GM for long...
  8. Malkiax

    Why do u have to be u16

    You have to be 16+ for a number of reasons. The main one being legal reasons. Since at 16 you are basically an adult and can be expected to show maturity and the ability to be level headed. But the primary reason is purely legal.
  9. Malkiax

    Frost's Staff App

    +1 Pros: Very good player super active willing to help. Cons: Massive Forehead
  10. Malkiax

    Clone Force 99

    Funnily enough we actually did look into doing this a while ago, but because of several reasons we didn't follow through with it, mainly because: -All the models currently are complete garbage -Making a special roles which will only be used by 4 people is extra content we don't need, especially...
  11. Malkiax

    RC CO Boss

    Oli, its good to know thats the case but the RC are currently in the middle of a resurgence and it would be best if the RC Commander was active. Might i suggest you take a demotion to a lower position and pass the torch to a more active RC?
  12. Malkiax

    ACCEPTED Xardorian's Application

    +1, Good player, experienced too. Definitely worth trialling
  13. Malkiax

    Report on Bilbo.

    One day he started setting my HP to 1 and spam killing me with stunsticks. He spawns bombs and blows them up He likes to spawn random stuff I know a few admins picked up on this myself as well. But I stopped as spawning random props in DB and such isnt ok at all. He bully's me every chance he...
  14. Malkiax

    Ratboy's Mod application I noticed you've edited your "time played" a couple times. Just to confirm you've been part of SWRP for about 10 weeks
  15. Malkiax

    Ratboy's Mod application

    I've been part of the sever for about 5 months. I don't remember seeing you until early June and then you disappeared for a while. But you have caused some issues int he past
  16. Malkiax

    Disbanding of 91st and having Regimental medics

    I like the idea of regimental medics. But if the 91st are against it then maybe not
  17. Malkiax

    REJECTED Ban Apeall

    You KYS several times, asked for an admin. I came to you, you said "People keep telling me its failRP that my clones keep dying from heart problems" and then KYS when you came back I told you. "You can't do that anymore, its mingey and ..." And then you KYS again.
  18. Malkiax

    TRIAL Porks App

    +1 Very nice person, very calm under pressure. always willing to help current staff during events and such. However he is a weenie
  19. Malkiax

    REJECTED Amelia's unban request

    It was CT PVT 7263 EyeWhole...
  20. Malkiax

    REJECTED Amelia's unban request

    Could you provide what you're IGN is please.