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  1. Blitz

    What's happened

    What's happened to Drews? I've come on the forums and it's a bit dead, whats happening?
  2. Blitz


    Hi :)
  3. Blitz

    Thinking emoji
  4. Blitz

    Vapour is a not smellin it

    Vapour smells and was a stinky arc general. And as a matter of FRANK not sure if I am smelling him right now. Please community ban. :)
  5. Blitz

    REJECTED Froppe False Warn

    Alright, so I was playing CCRP, outside of spawn I captured the gang point, then Froppe came a long and capped it, then I capped it and he killed me. I then walked out of spawn and tried to cap it he then killed me, I was guessing we were joking around, so I did it again. This was when he got...
  6. Blitz

    Put RC under Specalist Reg

    In-game name: Fleet Officer Blitz Type of suggestion(addon, bug, model, script): N/A Reason for suggestion: Let RC get recognition for being a specialist reg. Also there classes just should specialist regiment at you aswell as they're Commando's and do more than offensive shit in events...
  7. Blitz

    ACCEPTED Blitz' fleet application

    Basic Info Name: CG BG Major Blitz Regiment: CG Current Rank: Major Age: 15 Playtime: they wiped all my other account name player time? on the 10th of feb it was 411.52hrs OOC Information Do you have a microphone: Yes Quick Summary about you: My name is James I currently live in Scotland. My...
  8. Blitz

    Blitz' second fleet app

    Basic Info Name: ARC SSG Blitz Regiment: ARC Current Rank: SSG Age: 15 Playtime: 411.52 hrs across all names. OOC Information Do you have a microphone: Yes Quick Summary about you: I'm James, From the Great British Empire. Pretty epic gamer. Nah, but seriously I'm an alright person I like to...
  9. Blitz

    CG to ARC

    Basic Information In-Game Name: CG Commander Blitz Discord Name: CG Commander Bltiz Steam Profile: Current Regiment and Rank: Coruscant Guard Commander Regiment you want to transfer to: ARC Date of last transfer: N/A Transferal Information Why do...
  10. Blitz

    ACCEPTED Blitz' Fleet app

    Basic Info Name: CG SEC MSG 1964 Blitz Regiment: CG SEC Current Rank: MSG Age: 14 (15 in oct) Playtime: 61.4 hrs OOC Information Do you have a microphone: yes Quick Summary about you: My name is James, I am 14 years old I currently live in Scotland. I hate describing myself. I always see...