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    Closing SWRP

    Should be closed ages ago
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    Big Mans return allamdulilah

    If it was up to me, i would unban you know. I think you learned your lesson, however i would not let you in the staff team again.
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    Nea TTT Staff app

    Basic Details Username: weird bird Age: 19 Location/Timezone: Czech Republic, CET I was Super Admin on the SWRP server I joined the TTT server today Discord: ))#5889 Your Experience I was staff on DC SWRP twice, reaching senior, and super admin (Staff Manager). The most difficult situation...
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    Add-ons Spice things up
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    What would you like to see on SWRP?

    Thank you for posting your opinions everyone, sadly i can't do anything anymore. Hopefuly, the new server manager will take care of you with love. My time as Server Manager was maybe short, but i was staff for pretty long time and everything i did was for you guys with passion and love. I left...
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    Awaited return of 41st

    We still have the jobs for it however, i don't think we have the playerbase for another regiment at the moment sadly.
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    What would you like to see on SWRP?

    I can take a look into that, aswell as i can take a look into some force powers. The other things i'm not really sure how to make.
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    What would you like to see on SWRP?

    What would you say on Destroyable Droid Dispensers? Wink Wink
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    What would you like to see on SWRP?

    You mean like Capture the Flag etc.?
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    What would you like to see on SWRP?

    Hello there, As most of you know we had some unexpected changes in the Managment team, which means that my time has come as the server manager. I have some ideas that needs a little bit of planning to do, and simple just need some time, however I'm not writing this post to present my ideas to...
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    TRIAL Ban Appeal

    Your ban is being lifted, however we will keep an eye on you.
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    ACCEPTED Phat Dog Ban Appeal

    Your ban is lifted.
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    ACCEPTED 04joe random unprecedented ban

    Your ban is lifted, just wanted to verify something. Sorry for the trouble.
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    discord suggestion

    public comms
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    CG to 212th

    no u
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    Parachute and Paratroopers

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    Credits vs rank up

    Maybe add some kind of quest system. Players could get rewards for completining daily quests, or something. For example kill 15 droids, for some credits.' Run 1000m, survive sometime etc. You can also link it with this...
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    REJECTED [Unban Appeal] 212th LCPL Novacane

    In your admin report, you only said that you have been RDM by a jawa. You didn't say anything about harrasment, so we are going to put that away now. If you feel like you have been harassed by a player and have evidence report him on the forums. The player wasn't trying to make any excuse, i...
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    ACCEPTED Unban Appeal

    Whats your discord