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  1. Drewbie

    New guns and military models

    Hello everyone! the server is now updated and there's been a few big changes. All guns are now converted to arccw from tfa/m9k. There are no other guns now except the dragonlore and those three other guns. I have converted all of your weapons except those. The reason why this change was made was...
  2. Drewbie

    Report Superiority

    I have seen the base you are talking about and they can't argue it. It was removed because they were blocking resources in this case a crew pole. And you are right, an admin can remove the base according to the rules. But from the pictures I've seen and some videos that has been shared it does...
  3. Drewbie

    Special Operation model suggestion

    You mean something like this:
  4. Drewbie

    Drews Community DayZ

    Welcome to Drews Community DayZ 😄 A dayz server with several mods which can be found below. The server is by the way first person locked. Some of the mods - More loot (more variation) - Map (so you know where you are without having to alt tab) - Unlimited stamina - Air drops - C4...
  5. Community!


    Yara and some fellas serving evocity and protecting it
  6. Drewbie

    Record and submit and get featured in a TikTok

    If you are recording or have recording software please send me your clips so I can try to make some TikToks of them to promote the server. It can be anything from showcase to raiding. I will reward if you got some good footage. Like weapons or in game cash. If you can also make the TikTok...
  7. Drewbie

    CrewConflictRP update which includes wipe to cash, DC tokens and Cars

    This update took a while getting together and thanks so much to @Poggerlinos for helping. This update was delayed a lot due to two things. I really wanted to introduce a new accessory system and a normal mining system for crafting. It did not get ready in time and its still in the process of...
  8. Drewbie

    Looking for someone to help with development of cars/cosmetics (pricing, rank restrictions etc)

    Hi! I'm looking for someone who can help me price items and cars. Also which cars premium, legends and vips should have each etc. We are talking DarkRP cash of course. These scripts are all operated from in game menus which are pretty self explanatory. Qualifications: - Reliable - Can get shit...
  9. Drewbie

    Suggestion Mega Thread [Balancing, Eco Changes, Crate Changes, Job Changes, Potential Map Change]

    That's exactly what I have in mind. @Ban pitched me it earlier. DC tokens will be properly implemented with a symbol on the UI so everyone knows about them etc. They will also reward afk players for boosting the server.
  10. Drewbie

    Suggestion Mega Thread [Balancing, Eco Changes, Crate Changes, Job Changes, Potential Map Change]

    That's only one isolated incident. However we could "refund" that darkrp cash back after a reset, but then again if it was 5 bill would it be 5 bill or the equivalent if the numbers are different, but that would take a long time to pin point. My solution is either we don't go through with it...
  11. Drewbie

    Good maps for cars

    I agree, but its such a huge change. So maybe it would be better fitting under a new name and a fresh server.
  12. Drewbie

    Suggestion Mega Thread [Balancing, Eco Changes, Crate Changes, Job Changes, Potential Map Change]

    Nice thread. I like it. The map Bingo is talking about: Its mostly like that old evo. Loads of base locations, classic textures and cool buildings. Crafting system he is talking about...
  13. Drewbie

    ACCEPTED Poggerlinos's Admin Application

    Two week trial granted. Nice application and tremendous activity. ACCEPTED
  14. Drewbie

    Good maps for cars

    I like the idea though.
  15. Drewbie

    Good maps for cars

    Would be a bit hard to nail the NPCs with stat based weapon, but the map is very atmospheric. And it would be quite fun to just run into players and either let them pass or fight them.
  16. Drewbie

    Good maps for cars

    Its not the OG evocity. Its a DC remake, and it was quite broken as of performance, missing textures, skybox issues etc.
  17. Drewbie

    Good maps for cars

    I think you should take a look at all the alternatives before voiting and commenting. Just a tip, there's some very good alternatives to evo there.
  18. Drewbie

    Good maps for cars

    Hi! since its mostly the same people that played on evo which now plays on downtown and some are asking for cars/evo. Check out all these maps: You can also vote, but its just to see what people think is cool. Also these maps are big in size and it isn't really an alternative to downsize a map...
  19. Drewbie

    Inventory drop cooldown

    We use to have 0 cooldown but then people were actually able to crash the server by dropping too many crates in one location. We could probably maybe double it or reduce the time though. Also one good thing about the prop protection is the new setting, maybe we can try blacklist them from...
  20. Drewbie

    KNOWN ISSUE [FIX] Prop Deletion

    I have increased the values by two times. Hope this helps. Please give me feedback here.