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  1. Official_killer

    something is wrong

    I think something here is wrong
  2. Official_killer

    Killers staff application

    Basic Details Username: Stealthy xD Age: currently 15 getting 16 in october Location/Timezone: Gmt+1 Are you/were you a mentor on our server? No When did you join the server? dont remember but it was while back (when the SWRP server was open Are you part of our Discord? Im in the...
  3. Official_killer

    Rule edit

    change so you need to advert everytime you are gonna raid. currently you only need to advert when raiding bank "/advert raid bank" change it so you can do like this "/advert Raid PD/BANK/ASSIST" beacuse then its little harder and it prevents people from meta gaming (not sure its calld that but...
  4. Official_killer

    Special Operation model suggestion

    I was thinking due to special operation is a military, why not give them the camoflage too (so they look like marines) beacuse its pretty boring for them to only have the color black
  5. Official_killer


    Make a command either !props or /props basicly what it does, is that it says how many props you have placed and how many props that is your max
  6. Official_killer

    Developer role

    This is mostly to let drewbie to less stuff. but basicly add a role thats calld "Developer" thats for the people who know how to code in lua to make the server better, such as fixing bugs and so on