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  1. Best-Potato

    Maps, gravity and weapon damage

    Maps I feel that we have a few maps that aren't suited for TTT when there are over 10 people playing. The Spongebob map is a great example. The map it self is super small which makes it hard for traitors to kill anyone without someone noticing. I'm not aware of the maps that Drew added in the...
  2. Best-Potato

    Mining level, inventory 14.10.2018

    Hi. I came back yesterday, acquired a gun and mined for a bit. When I logged on today, the only thing I had from yesterday was my level and my cash. My steam ID: STEAM_0:1:59689547
  3. Best-Potato

    3rd Party Reseller, Low Prices, Current Listings

    I will mostly focus on selling and buying guns, but I am also allowed to sell ranks and materials. Just pm me bout that and we'll see if we can make a deal. I am also buying guns with in-game money. The money will always move first and the gun/rank/materials then. Current invenotry: MK-11: -...
  4. Best-Potato

    Potato Admin app

    Well, I think I'm ready to make a come back, lol. >> Basic Details<< Name In-game : Best-Potato Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:59689547 Age : 17 Location/Timezone : Finland, GMT +2 Do you have a microphone: Yes A bit about myself: I am 17 and live in Finland as previously stated. I have a younger sister...
  5. Best-Potato

    New Chief of staff

    Hello. I started playing on the server again a few days ago and I've now heard that Twisted has been demoted. I know that he was demoted for spawning weapons and money in and I get why that is not acceptable, even though he was making events and testing out guns that should be buffed. Since...
  6. Best-Potato

    WTS Epic Shotguns

    I'm selling three epic super shotguns, one epic ksg and one epic spas. Msg me on steam or comment on this thread if you are interested to buy any of the guns. EPIC - Supershotgun 250 million +125 Damage -54% Recoil +13 Clip -48% Spread +54% Fire Rate EPIC - Supershotgun 250 million +124...
  7. Best-Potato

    WTS Blueprints

    Hello. I'm selling and buying all kinds of blueprints. The current stock can be seen in this post. If you wish to sell your blueprints, pm me or come talk to me in-game. - Gun Name (ammount in store) price per bp My steam profile is: Current stock: -...
  8. Best-Potato

    Ryan Abuse 20/8/2017

    So. Reporting my colleagues isn't something I enjoy let's make that clear, but when I see abuse I report it. >>Reason for report<< I joined the server today and someone called Monkey was going to be banned for money and gun dupe. Of course I wanted to see what was going on so I tped to Ryan...
  9. Best-Potato

    Problems with PermWeapons?

    So I wanted to make this post to help people who have the same problem I had. Basically I couldn't see some of the permanent weapons that the server has (ksg, cheytac, etc.). Some of the guns were errors and some I didn't see at all. Luckily there is an easy fix. You need to delete something...
  10. Best-Potato

    Best-Potato Application

    Basic Details Username: Best-Potato, link: Age: 17 Location/Timezone: GMT +2 (Finland) Your Experience Have you Administered a Garry's Mod server before, if yes, do you have experience of ULX & DarkRP administrative tools?: I have administrated...