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  1. Solid

    Community Update: Where are we headed?

    Okay, cool. I love to hear what's going on. I think it's a good idea to test some stuff on Rust since I myself have multiple friends that play it as of now, sadly I do not care for the game, so I'm not going to be a big participator in that. :rolleyes: I do however have a massive 100% hype for...
  2. Solid

    Solids CCRP Beginners Guide UPDATED: [11/9/2020]

    As always, lovely little dumplings.
  3. Solid

    Solids CCRP Beginners Guide UPDATED: [11/9/2020]

    Introduction. A warm welcome to you, from all the Drew’s Community players. So you’ve decided to come to play some Crew Conflict Roleplay? I see. Well, I’ll tell you one thing straight away. You’ll join the server and won’t understand a single thing you’re looking at, that is unless you’ll read...
  4. Solid

    Arena, coinflips and missions

    I can see that arena be super useful for stuff like clan wars, but in general betting the fact you keep stats would be kind of unfair. And if I'm not mistaking aren't there one shot guns now as well?
  5. Solid

    Look what i found on my phone

    Excuse me, can I maybe have some recognition for making this? @Hairy_Butter
  6. Solid

    Changes to CCRP

    I remember this inventory and weapon mod had all those like gems you can also unbox, some that gave fire damage etc. also the upgrade scrolls. What happened to them? Are they still in there? How do those work, since I remember that they didn't work before.
  7. Solid

    The future of CCRP

    I really want to say that I want some cool old version, because obviously I have the best memories there, but I will lie, cause I know I won't download Gmod again to play. I personally feel like you, Drew, should possibly close it down and try and shoot servers up in new games, such as, idk...
  8. Solid

    CrewConflictRP update, ui, new guns, new motorcycles, bikers and playermodels

    Looks... Interesting... I might actually have to download Gmod. @Willsve so there is a chance.
  9. Solid

    Real big problem, no im serious!

    You are pretty gay @QuintXD
  10. Solid

    RESOLVED Lost whole inventory

    This bug has been known for a long time, that if you purchase/craft around 30 or more items at once you will crash. The part I'm not so certain about is you losing your inventory afterwards, that's not supposed to happen, but since it did, you pretty much rely on @Drewbie checking backups and...
  11. Solid

    Big boi report on DeathShadow for being a rudey-trudy

    He's said much worse to me
  12. Solid

    GrassRoll Buyer Bug 20th of October 2019

    Issue has been noted and fixed. Thread can be locked in 24 hours if nothing else needs to be said.
  13. Solid

    State of CCRP? Perhaps bring back old CCRP?

    So my view on guns and levels is like this: I like feeling powerful, I obviously like having really good guns, but when talking about what I actually remember as "good" or "fun" raids, I'll always mention those times when I barely solo or with my team at the time could defend the base. So pretty...
  14. Solid

    ACCEPTED This happend out of nowhere

    =Ban appeal accepted= Additional information: Post will be locked.
  15. Solid

    Clash Of Clans [UNOFFICIAL]

    Very cool! ? That game's gay
  16. Solid


    And there I was, about to go yell on Drewbie... only then noticing that it's an old post.
  17. Solid

    Arma3 Server

    First let's start with how many people have arma 3? Because I for example don't.
  18. Solid

    REJECTED Minecraft ban appeal

    =Ban appeal denied= Additional information: You're already community banned for doxing pixal. Your lil' bud Frostey even admitted to you doing it. You crashed the server multiple times not one. You tried placing obvious ip grabbing links in discord, made alt accounts to continue talking shit...
  19. Solid

    ACCEPTED Vapour's Staff Application

    Didn't you like, just return? Edit: Lol didn't notice. Anyway, yeah I'd say play a bit longer then re-apply. Don't rush it. You can't guarantee that you'll stay active, otherwise you'll get it and burn out like a matchstick.
  20. Solid

    Add-ons Should we keep the fire system?

    Only if it can actually be profitable.