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  1. Smoely

    104th HVY SGT 7557 Able - Ban Apeal

    3 Days was a bit extreem. You did try to blow me and the cadet up though. I lowered it to 1 hour in-game already. There is no downtime.
  2. Smoely

    New Venator (Please)

    It seems that I have some work to do :D
  3. Smoely

    Jedi Update V1

    Jedi Update V1.0 This update has been in the works for months. Within these months all the abilities have been testen and the broken once where put on a list. The broken ones have been fixed or changed. The coming weeks will be used for testing of the new abilities on the live server, and...
  4. Smoely

    report on areo

    Hello There, I banned him for 1 day to get everybody relaxed and bring the server to its normal state. Because everyone was freaking out and I had some issues banning him. Afterwards I updated his ban to 1 week. I've got most/all of his wrongdoings recorded. Have a good one!
  5. Smoely

    The False King: Chapter One + Chapter Two

    This would be one (two,three...) hell of an event! +1
  6. Smoely

    ACCEPTED Ban Appeal Smoely

    Thank you very much!
  7. Smoely

    ACCEPTED Ban Appeal Smoely

    Steam Profile: Date: 04/03/2018 around 11PM CET Length: Permanently Banned Reason: Propblocking PD Admin who banned me: (IG ● Codiaz) M Codiaz Why should I be unbanned: I was playing as a cop and was reinforcing the DP against raiders. Not totally...