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    Closing SWRP

    Hi there, First of all thanks Hades for making this thread and announcing it on Discord, even though the date itself wasn't the best. Anyhow, my view on this. I've been here from the beginning, ever since Bilbo and I played SWRP on a different server, loved it and pitched the idea to create...
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    Community Update: Where are we headed?

    Hello everyone, I know we haven't posted a general Community Update for a very, very long time. Either way, we understand how all the servers are doing now, and there's no point in denying, interest in Gmod, in general, is fading. We can notice this by the decreasing player counts. It's a sad...
  4. DeathShadow

    Free up my guy

    Sorry for delay. With a new year comes new opportunities. So we decided to give you another chance. Appeal accepted. Contact a senior on Discord to have you unbanned ingame. If you still don't have access to the discord, let me know and ill unban you on it as well. Welcome back!
  5. DeathShadow

    Free up my guy

    I personally do not mind you returning. Your ban was a community ban, however I freed up your account so you could appeal. However if we do unban you, expect that staff won't trust you immediately and they will follow you around. Of course, over time trust can be rebuilt and the same way we...
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    ACCEPTED Its me again

    Accepted. A second chance will be granted. Make sure not to waste it. Contact a senior admin on Discord and link this thread to them!
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    REJECTED KJ Ban Appeal (not a shitpost this time)

    Closed. A year hasn’t passed yet.
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    del boy big dick

    del boy be mic spamming and hurt my ears. pls ban he very sus vote del
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    Return of BF2 Models

    Yes yes, you read that right. Now before you turn this into a meme or go immediately voting no, please read the thread and perhaps share your opinion on it. I have spoken with drew and he told me that currently the CGI Models we have are as big as the BF2 models. Not only that but other servers...
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    New weapons aspect (WIP)

    So this suggestion has been made by myself before and after sometime discussing it with Drew and recently with the new weapon changes, now would be the best time to implement the idea itself. Namely, we add permanent weapons (just like we have on CCRP) to SWRP. How would this work? Quite...
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    Weapons Out with the old in with the new

    Frankly we should really do this. This way we remove some unused content which can lead to faster load times or better new content. This also allows us to revise every regiments needs and weapons.
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    REDUCED matt's ban appeal

    Ban will be reduced to 1 week, starting from today. Make sure during this time to re-read all rules as this isn't your first offence. Should you immediately break the rules again after the ban expired you will be banned permanently, with a chance to appeal after 3 months. Thank you
  13. DeathShadow

    Brave Neeky First

    Moved to proper section
  14. DeathShadow

    ACCEPTED Dionysus's Ban Appeal

    Appeal accepted. You have a 2nd chance. Don't ruin it!
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    CrewConflict Community Update

    Nice job! Focus on bug fixes now and once everything is stable I'm sure we can add new content! The territories should make the server have a bit more of a PVP focus.
  16. DeathShadow

    Add-ons Couple of addon ideas (medic / food / healing items )

    We used to have a job that made drinks that gave us buffs. Not sure if it got removed or if drew plans to readd it any time soon. I'd definitely recommend it.
  17. DeathShadow

    funny meme yes yes

    Terrible meme. You are now permanently banned from DC for such awful memes.
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    Stock Market Add On

    Don't think it makes too much sense to have a stock market in SWRP. I'd rather have other ways to earn cash like: Participation in events Rewards Maybe some board games where players can place wagers NPC drop cash when shot etc
  19. DeathShadow

    REJECTED ban appeal round 2

    Pro tip: If people are breaking the rules make a proper report. Don't break the rules as well. As for the other 2 minging, if you have any evidence of this I'd appreciate to take a look at it.
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    some cool new addons that should or would make the server more unique and fun

    Nightclub: I do not think many people would use this. Disease, Virus: Promotes a new kind of RP. Having government making sure everyone is quarantined aand only those vaccinated can roam the streets. +1 on this |AVDrones: Could be fun for using in raids. Before raiding you can try and figure...