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  1. Korruptmaister

    SWRP Guide

    I compiled everything I could find from the training room into a handy google doc. Maybe this would make it easier for new players such as myself to get familiar with the gamemode. And help them make a tryout...
  2. Korruptmaister

    Which is the best HUD

    Nr 2 is composed best and clearly shows everything you need, it also is in the natural spot
  3. Korruptmaister

    Add-ons Business systems

    Yeah you're probably right, if the GMod eats only works at NPC's I would enjoy it as much as city worker, where you drive around and deliver stuff. Only thing that brought me to a no without reasoning was probably the U.I.
  4. Korruptmaister

    Digital Minimalism Test

    Good luck dood. I don't think I've talked to you much but these thoughts that are flowing through your mind are great!
  5. Korruptmaister

    Add-ons Business systems

    These look really good, especially for those interested in the RP aspect. The only one I would'nt really want is the GMod Eats one. Would be amazing to see players try and set up an office for their business, locals for their factories and so on. I hope it means a development in usage of space...
  6. Korruptmaister

    TRIAL Nuclear_killer's Admin Application

    Nuclear was admin when I first was around and all experiences with him have been great. Ever since he resigned I got to know him a bit by talking about stuff. I definetly think Nuclear should be admin again since I think he has brought a lot to the experience me and my closer friends have had on...
  7. Korruptmaister

    Printer size

    It would be nice to be able to have racks.