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  1. William HD

    Contest: Base building

    @Solid Well done.
  2. William HD

    Xirii's Ore, Bar & Weapon Store

    I want to buy a gun come online
  3. William HD

    Xirii's Ore, Bar & Weapon Store

    me too
  4. William HD


    Drewbie why cant you just add the cars back on flatgrass.
  5. William HD

    NON-ISSUE My shotgun fell through the map

    Nvm i stopped my rec when I was playing another game.... so I dont have the rec of me droping the gun to you. But I belive u can check logs on that he gave me 220mil, to get the gun.
  6. William HD

    NON-ISSUE My shotgun fell through the map

    i propbebly have proof of ALL the statst on the shotgun
  7. William HD

    NON-ISSUE My shotgun fell through the map

    was it that shotgun i sold to u like 3hours ago or so or more idk.
  8. William HD

    NON-ISSUE all my items are gone

    aug thing?
  9. William HD

    ACCEPTED Bingus' Ban Appeal

    +REP I was in the base and even saw that he had 0 printers. He was just making weed.
  10. William HD

    Frekvens Admin report

  11. William HD

    Frekvens Admin report

    As some of you are aware of Frekvens made a "event" this afternoon. And it went out of hand. He basically made a lot of people mass rule break. A lot of people were building dicks and statues around the whole fountian. He was even there when everything got out of hand, and did not do anything...
  12. William HD

    REJECTED Staff Application

    Have not seen you to much on the server but when u have been online u have not borken any rules + you seem like a nice guy. Good luck. -/+ Natural
  13. William HD

    Balance of weapons

    The Aug needs nerfing. It has a to high max damage for how much resources it costs to make + you only need crafting lvl 20 for it. The aug is also to op because the recoil is not balanced to how much damage it does.
  14. William HD

    TRIAL Admin Application

    +Rep Iam apart of hades
  15. William HD

    [Selling] Legendary Kris +142

    Is it sold?
  16. William HD

    Bulkcannon and heists

    This looks nice +1
  17. William HD


    geo very bad crew
  18. William HD

    REJECTED Bangert's Ban Appeal

    why are you complaining only 3day ban. As death said you are lucky. It should of been longer
  19. William HD

    ACCEPTED Well, i'm back.

  20. William HD

    TRIAL Dominic James Staff Application.

    -Rep Has mingy friends which could influence his actions as a Admin.