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  1. Kzbrh #BeHappy ^^

    Vehicles Goverment Vehicle`s ??

    We Need More Police Cars , SUV`S , Sport , it d be gr8 , here is some cars :3 1-Chevrolet Suburban 2015 Undercover : 2-Ford Explorer: 3-Cadillac Escalade Fbi...
  2. Kzbrh #BeHappy ^^

    i got scammed ...

    i got scammed by player nammed : no no no no , His Steam Id : STEAM_0:0:156285675 admin: Drake Pistilli M , was watching the deal when i paid him 1.6bil , he left , drake pistilli M Banned Him , So, My Money Gone or i will get refund :(? Screenshots...
  3. Kzbrh #BeHappy ^^

    Skylark`S Car Buisness!!

    Skylark`s Car Buisness !! Low Prices High Quality! 5 Years Warranty Prices Start from 500k To 2mil! Visit Skylark`s Car Buisness! Co-Worker:BeHappy