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  1. timjwzalluzz

    501st > GM

    On 501st's behalf, granted. You will be missed.
  2. timjwzalluzz

    GM ARC - 501st ARC

    Granted on 501st behalf!
  3. timjwzalluzz

    ACCEPTED Luttes Staff app

    Very strong replies. Good job.
  4. timjwzalluzz

    ACCEPTED frood's ban appeal

    Right so, I have received the 'proof' as was stated above. I've looked into them as well as looked into Coastal's 'proof'. All these screenshots provide is people pointing fingers, but not actually anyone admitting / confirming whether or not they have done certain things. This means there is no...
  5. timjwzalluzz

    ACCEPTED Finchy/Drake/Castor Staff app

    Since it hasn't been pointed out on this staff app yet (and I wanna make sure Lutte sees this), yes they can. It's their own choice, wether it will help them to reply to other applicants is a different story. Onto the app. You have a very solid application overall. My personal experiences...
  6. timjwzalluzz

    REJECTED LeadingRanger's Staff application [Updated]

    Personally I've had a few interactions with you, which I can say were not at all negative. But hey I'm only one person, and as staff you have to deal with an entire community. I would go in depth, but I'd rather agree with Dan above, as he's already pointed out most, if not all issues with your...
  7. timjwzalluzz

    ACCEPTED Luttes Staff app

    I'm gonna give this application a -/+ because I have to agree with Quinn, your answers to the scenarios are VERY bold. Server hits are not logged sadly, so choosing to immediately warn is very bold and potentially unjust, how would you go about checking whatever means you can find to maybe...
  8. timjwzalluzz

    REJECTED Schmidt’s staff application

    Overall good application, don't recall having too many encounters with you, so solely on application I'm gonna give you a +1, sadly I cannot fortify this with in-game experiences.
  9. timjwzalluzz

    ACCEPTED Welsh guy's staff application

    Overall, +1 from me, have had a few interactions with you and they were always calm and positive. Small thing to think about; I don't think a 212th commander would just confirm they did it on purpose. I doubt any 212th CO that's minging will say 'yeah I felt like crushing people'. Are you just...
  10. timjwzalluzz

    ACCEPTED frood's ban appeal

    Whooo boy alright here we go. Hello I'm Tim, your epic local senior staff, let's have a look at this. So, multiple statements were made by multiple people. Of which you denied certain things and (wether on purpose, I don't know) ignored certain things, as well ac confirming something. First...
  11. timjwzalluzz

    ACCEPTED Tim's Poggers fleet application

    Basic Info Trooper Name: 1711 Tim Regiment: 501st Rank: SSG Age: 21 Playtime: according to gametracker 480 hours Discord name and numbers: The Plague-ologist#8814 OOC Info Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:102774121 Do you have a mic: Yes Summary of you: Well my name's Tim, I've been here for quite a long...
  12. timjwzalluzz

    ACCEPTED Freddy's Fleet Application.

    Godawful man, hate to work with him. Nah on the real fat +1, has already proven himself as bat gen imo
  13. timjwzalluzz


    Few problems; We don't know which accounts link to which in-game accounts (yes we might know some, but not nearly every single one). This would mean we'd have to unban some folks that were banned for reasons on discord rather than on the server. Another thing is that unbanning people on the...
  14. timjwzalluzz

    REJECTED Narsties staff app 4: A new application

    Right so disregarding your very short answer to my question, there'a few things in your app: Firstly, our logs do not show random generated hits (sadly), if the person claims he had a hit on them, the best you can do is see if they adverted a hit accepted, and more importantly; hit complete...
  15. timjwzalluzz

    ACCEPTED Ben staff app

    Good application, you're experienced, you're good in rp scenarios. One thing I do notice tho, the AFK question has a very bold response. Could you maybe add a bit of detail to it? As I find this very, well just not in depth to whatever scenario you may be in.
  16. timjwzalluzz

    ACCEPTED Dan's Staff App

    Your app is pretty decent. The interactions I've had with you have always been very good, and from a serious stand point. I think you could do well joining staff again. +1
  17. timjwzalluzz

    REJECTED Narsties staff app 4: A new application

    The past few apps weren't that serious whatsoever. What makes it so that we should think different of you now? Have you changed? Are you more dedicated? I would like to hear a response.
  18. timjwzalluzz

    REJECTED Sebastian Staff App

    Over all I'll give you a +/- as I've not had any encounters with you. I would like to suggest you re-read the 212th CO question. The question is not about landing, but about spawning in a large ship on the ground.