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  1. QuintXD

    REJECTED astafons 4th fleet app

    I have seen alot of positive changes from this man and i think that he is a perfect fit for fleet so this is a PHAT +1 for me
  2. QuintXD

    104th to 212th

    Granted 1/2
  3. QuintXD

    ACCEPTED Quint's staff application

    i will try the best i can to stay in character and help the event the best i can.
  4. QuintXD

    ACCEPTED Quint's staff application

    General Info In-Game Name: 104th Commander Quint Discord Name And Hashtag: Quint#1282 Preferred name: Quint Age (Must Be 16+, You May Be Asked To Provide ID): i am 16 years old Timezone: CEST Activity: How Many Regiments Are You Currently Active Within: i am in 1(104th) How Long Do You...
  5. QuintXD

    Stock Market Add On

    At the moment its kinda hard to earn money in SWRP, thats why i think that a stock market addon like the one i linked is nice to have on the server. Its not guaranteed that you get money from it but if you invest well you're gonna be able to get a good amount. You could invest in a...
  6. QuintXD

    What would you like to see on SWRP?

    A 104th droid that doesn't get destroyed/searched by the enemy
  7. QuintXD

    ACCEPTED Phat Dog Ban Appeal

    Steam Profile: PHAT DOG櫐欟欑 Date:14/6/20 Length: permenant Reason: dont know Admin who banned me: nea Why should I be unbanned: im new to star wars rp and got confused with some people who have been previously banned
  8. QuintXD

    Revert The Rules

    +1, i think we need the old building rules 2
  9. QuintXD

    Coastalglobe's Staff App

    Coastal: im allowed to keep those things to myself since its an open forum aplications wich means it can be seen by everyone. if drew wants to know these things he can ask it himself and i wil tell him by dm. if you want me to write something thats not "half ass writen'' i wil make another one...
  10. QuintXD

    REJECTED Jake|67 Staff Application

    Isn't it a bit too short for you to make a staff app?
  11. QuintXD

    Coastalglobe's Staff App

    i think you're a nice guy, i see you play alot and i think people on the server like you. i think you're a good guy and if you make it in the staff team i'd love to help you if you need help with anything. +1
  12. QuintXD

    Coastalglobe's Staff App

    basic details coastalglobe17 STEAM_0:0:149620638 age: 16 turning 17 on 06/08/2020 location/timezone: netherlands CEST time of making: 22-04-2020 13:14 server preference: server 1 are you/were you a mentor: no i am/ was not when did you join the server: about 3 to 4 months ago and have a total...
  13. QuintXD

    Weapon Giveaway max stats AK-47

    Don't let @Nea win he is gonna raid me :( he is gonna clap me just like my dad
  14. QuintXD

    Jake|67 Ban Appeal

    you have insulted people many times and "white boy" could trigger someone. i have seen that you have called people all kinds of words so i think that you need to wait the full ban out.
  15. QuintXD

    Fredis Ban Appeal

    Shouldn't you be happy with a reducement from a 3 day to a 12 hour ban?
  16. QuintXD

    Real big problem, no im serious!

    I am not GAE.
  17. QuintXD

    Real big problem, no im serious!

    i think you're talking about SwedenGamer, he got the big gae
  18. QuintXD

    Quint's Transfer to 104TH

    Basic Information In-Game Name:Quint Discord Name:Quint#1282 Steam Profile: Current Regiment and Rank SC SSG Regiment you want to transfer to 104th Date of last transfer mar 19 2020 Transferal Information Why do you want to transfer regiment: i miss the...
  19. QuintXD

    ACCEPTED ban appeal

    no i didn't, i was trying to say that i was gonna warn you and you instantly left. thats why i gave you the LTAP ban.