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  1. -Bobo-

    ACCEPTED Bobos fleet app

    Basic Info Trooper Name: Shadow HS Bobo Regiment: Shadow Company Rank: EXO Age: 17 18 in 15 days Playtime: 218 hrs says, game tracker Discord name and numbers: karl#6824 OOC Info Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:20725965 Do you have a mic: yes Summary of you:: I'm a 17yr old guy who is studying to...
  2. -Bobo-

    ACCEPTED Bobos staff app

    General Info In-game name: Bobo Discord name and number: Karl#6824 Preferred name: Bobo Age (Must be 16+, You may be asked to provide ID) 17 Timezone: CEST Activity How many regiments are you apart of: 3 Shadow, RC, Jedi Which Character do you play most: My shadow role How long you play...
  3. -Bobo-

    Transfer to SC

    (posted on behalf of chyna) Basic Information In-Game Name: Chyna Discord Name: Worland#3270 Steam Profile: Current Regiment and Rank CG SGT Regiment you want to transfer to Shadow Company Date of last transfer N/A Transferal Information...